Best Smart Locks For Home of 2021 – Complete Reviews With Comparison

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Best Smart Locks For Home

Smart locks are the new trend. Whether you like it or not, they’re here to stay as well as all the valuables in your home.

Security is one of the largest concerns that homeowners have. This is why it’s even more critical now to be able to protect yourself and your loved ones. Smart locks make that protection possible.

Not only is the installation process quick and breezy, but the access is much more flexible. It’s a perfect solution right in your hands. Here are some of the best smart locks for home use that you can consider to keep you safe.

Smart Lock Reviews

1: August Wi-Fi (4th Generation) Smart Lock

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This smart lock was specially designed for the purpose of securing homes. Not only does this stand true to its brand – August Home, but it is also suited for your needs. It is a unique biometric lock that can protect your home from anywhere simply with the push of a button. Remote locking is the new future for your homes with August smart lock.


If you have a couple of friends you want to trust with your home keys, August’s smart lock will do that for you. While this matte black lock can easily lock and unlock your door remotely, it can also allow your beloved ones to do the same. All you have to do is send a key to them through the August app.

If you change your mind with time, you can simply cancel their access in the same way. It’s that simple! You can also switch on the automatic unlock system, which opens your home whenever you’re nearby. The same works for auto-lock when the door closes.

What’s more, you won’t even need to get rid of your keys for this. It can work with your deadbolt too! The battery life might prove to be a problem down the line. However, the model is still durable in the long run.


  • Automatic lock and unlock system
  • Easy installation
  • Easily attaches to existing deadbolts
  • Online key sharing with trusted people


  • Short battery life

2: Yale Assure Lock SL Wi-Fi Smart Lock

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The Yale Assure smart lock provides ease in securing your homes like no other. Yale Security manufactured this smart lock that made it flexible to everyone’s needs. Apart from pairing up with a range of smart devices, it comes as a keypad and a biometric lock. So, no matter what device you have, you’ll be sure to be protected.


The Yale Assure smart lock gives you key-free access into your home. If you’re someone who carries a lot of groceries into the home, this lock will be your best friend. You can either use a keypad or have it biometrically secured. It leaves some decisions up to you.

Yale Assure’s DoorSense feature works in a very similar way to the auto-lock feature. So if you feel you’re going to forget to lock your home, DoorSense will do it for you.

The best thing about Yale Assure is that it works with almost every smart home system – Alexa, Google Assistant, Airbnb, HomeKit, and so much more. Here are some pros and cons to help you with your decision.


  • Auto-lock and unlock system
  • Easy installation
  • Compatible with numerous smart home systems
  • Built-in alarm system


  • No physical keys

3: Kwikset 99160-016 SmartCode 916 Smart Lock

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This battery-powered smart lock by Kwikset is widely popular among residents. With its satin finish and metal material, it is one of the best smart locks in the market right now. Furthermore, this specific model is compact and provides you with security incomparable to many others. In addition, Kwikset’s features are unique, setting it apart from many other competitors.


The Kwikset SmartCode lock is equipped with some of the most advanced technology there is. The Z-wave smart home system allows you to secure your home from any device. Setting it apart from the rest of the smart locks, it locks your home with one touch using the SecureScreen patented technology.

However, the greatest feature is yet to be discussed! The best feature about the Kwikset smart lock is that it allows you to rekey your door all on your own. The process is hassle-free, and you can do it within a second. If you’re worried that your door isn’t right for the lock, even that’s not an issue. The latch is completely adjustable.


  • Allows rekeying within seconds
  • Automatic lock and unlock feature
  • Adjustable latch
  • Wakeup touchscreen


  • No keypad

4: Schlage BE489WB CAM 625 Encode Deadbolt Smart Lock

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If you’re not a huge fan of biometric lock systems, there’s no reason to worry. Schlage’s bright chrome is a keypad smart lock with a built-in Wi-Fi system. There’s no reason to doubt the model. And if there is, the warranty on this is better than almost all smart locks. Schlage makes sure that its customers have the best experience and the best security.


The Schlage smart lock is one of the easiest locks to install. Connecting over Wi-Fi, this lock can help you manage and share up to 100 access codes with your friends and family. So not only will it help you bond but also assist in building trusted relationships.

The model is fingerprint resistant, and the touchscreen is incredibly responsive. If you like going for a jog often, the Schlage smart lock also has a voice control feature that allows you to use hands-free. What’s better than that? There is also a limited lifetime warranty for the finish. That’s everything and more than the Schlage smart lock offers.


  • Fingerprint resistant
  • Responsive touchscreen
  • Built-in alarm system
  • Easy installation
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • Manual code-sharing for guest access

5: Eufy Security Smart Lock

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People who like ease in their lives will love the Eufy Security smart lock. It’s a one-of-a-kind model that provides comfort and security all at once. Made by Eufy Security, the smart lock presents many features to its users that help them feel safe about their homes anywhere they are.


Eufy Security had its users’ convenience at the top of their minds when they designed this smart lock. As a result, the biometric system works quicker than a lightning bolt. Apart from the receptive touchscreen, the unlocking feature shouts convenience. There are five ways to unlock the Eufy Security smart lock.

You can unlock the smartphone with your fingerprint, via the app (through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth), through the physical key, or the keypad. Along with this, the smart lock also has an auto-lock. This means after your door is closed after a specified amount of time has passed, your door will automatically lock.

Here’s an extra feature that makes this lock so amazing – an IP65 weatherproof rating. If you live in a cold/hot area, you’re in luck because it will withstand -30° C to 70° C any day!


  • 5-way unlocking system
  • Automatic lock system
  • IP65 weatherproof rating
  • Responsive touchscreen


  • Limited compatibility with other home systems

Final Thoughts

This was a review of some of the best home smart locks of the year. Our recommendation would be the Schlage CAM 625 smart lock because of its convenient and secure features. However, you may also choose the Yale Assure smart lock with more compatibility options. It’s the best pick!

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