Best Ways to Get Audio From Your Blu-ray Disc Player?

blu-ray disc player

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To extract Blu-ray audio from a Blu-ray disc player, you must first get familiar with the Blu-ray audio codec. Following that, you can also get the finest recommendations for the file format to use for the output file. Simply read the post to understand more about the thorough technique of ripping high-quality Blu-ray audio.

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1. Connecting Blu-ray Disc Player to Your TV Using an HDMI Cable

blu-ray disc player

Worldwide, there are nearly 4 billion HDMI-enabled gadgets! With so many devices, it’s simple to see why HDMI is the global standard for home theatres and conference rooms. 

HDMI is compatible with the newest features and produces a higher-quality image. 4K resolution, 3D video, and 21:9 video capability improved audio and fewer connection points than prior cables that sometimes needed a separate video and audio cable.

2. Looping the HDMI through the Receiver of a Home Theatre

An HDMI Loop connects devices in such a way that the output of one device is routed BACK into the SAME device as an Input. 

Connect the cable TV box’s output to an audio-video receiver’s input (AVR). Connect the AVR’s output to a separate, expensive, combined video and music file player box equipped with two HDMI outputs — one for video and one for audio. Connect the Video Processor box’s video output straight to your television. Connect the box’s audio output to a separate input on your AVR.

3. Using a Couple of HDMI Outputs

blu-ray disc player

Two HDMI outputs are available on certain Blu-ray and Ultra HD Blu-ray players. Utilize a single HDMI output to connect to a television or video projector. The second output may be used to connect a Blu-ray disc player to a home theatre receiver.

4. Using Digital Optical or Coaxial Connections for the Audio

blu-ray disc player

Which cable to select should be determined by your available options. Not all audio components support optical and coaxial connections, and HDMI is becoming the de facto standard for the majority of home entertainment systems and components.

While some users use coaxial instead of optical because coaxial supports somewhat higher-resolution audio, the differences are likely to be perceptible only on extremely high-end sound systems. As long as the wires are correctly constructed, the sound they generate should be indistinguishable.

5. Using Multichannel Analog Audio Connections

Analog connections with two channels consist of a separate audio connection for each audio channel. There are distinct analog audio connections for the left and right surround as with stereo. 

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In certain situations, left and right surrounded back channels are conceivable. Before introducing HDMI, multichannel analog audio input connectors were widespread on home theater receivers and AV processors, but they are becoming scarcer.

Numerous Blu-ray Disc players no longer provide an analog two-channel stereo audio output. Certain higher-end models, however, retain the functionality. If you choose this path, your options may be restricted.

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Blu-ray disc player features lossless audio, enhancing the listening experience with surround sound. Simply by selecting the appropriate equipment, you may convey the required message. Even the Blu-ray audio you get is not the same as that on the Blu-ray disc.

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  1. I’m not sure what I need to do. I can watch a movie or TV program and keep the volume around 11-15 to be able to hear it. I can put a CD in the Blu-ray player that is connected to the TV via HDMI cable and it sounds just fine. However, I put a DVD or Blu-ray in the player, I have to crank it up to 20 and it’s still a whisper. I mean I can hear it, but not the same level as streaming the same movie. What do I need to do to get better sound from the Blu-ray and DVDs? Oh I use a soundbar as I live in a small apartment and don’t have the room for big speakers.

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