Budget-Friendly Samsung Galaxy Buds Coming Soon?

Samsung Galaxy Buds in Black

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At some point, any iteration of the Samsung Galaxy Buds became surprisingly common. That’s because there were usually promos for them if you purchased a Galaxy device, or sometimes, they even came for free!

They were also relatively affordable, especially when compared to the market-leading Apple AirPods. You could get a pair of Galaxy Buds within the $100 range, with more advanced and expensive models emerging later on.

SAMSUNG Galaxy Buds 2 True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds, Noise Cancelling, Comfort Fit In Ear, Auto Switch Audio, Long Battery Life, Touch Control, Olive Green [US Version, 1Yr Manufacturer Warranty]
Samsung Galaxy Buds 2

Even at this price point, they performed well enough to be universally accepted. Not that you couldn’t get anything better for the same price but a lot of people would rather just get something from Samsung rather than a third-party brand like SoundPEATS or Soundcore, despite arguably better performance.

However, there was an undeniable fact that Chinese companies reigned supreme in the sub $100 range, with these companies getting rich off volume on sales rather than humongous margins on each one. 

Samsung had attacked that market with entry-level smartphones in the past and continues to succeed to this day, so why not do the same for the TWS market?

Samsung Galaxy Buds in White
Samsung Galaxy Buds in White | Samsung

More Affordable Samsung Galaxy Buds

Now, it looks like that’s exactly what they’re doing. Dutch publication Galaxy Club managed to discover a new model name or number that could point towards an all-new Galaxy Buds model. Considering it’s called the SM-R400N for now, it’s placed below the SM-R5 series of the Galaxy Buds Pro.

We’re not sure how it slots into the current lineup of the Buds 2, Buds Live, and Buds2 Pro, but it also could be about bringing slightly downgraded Pro features to a product between the 2 and 2 Pro. After all, the jellybean-like Buds Live is a quirky product that stands on its own and can’t really be considered the “middle ground” between the two.

So whether it’s an extreme entry-level model or a middle-of-the-pack option, we’re looking forward to this all-new Samsung Galaxy Buds product.

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