Can Echo Dot Be Used as a Bluetooth Speaker?

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In these current times, technological advancements have shaped how we work, interact, and live. There are also many new ways to have fun, such as watching a movie on your mobile device, unlike when you had to go to a movie theater. Music streaming services have become the standard method of listening to music.

For instance, Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant helps users stream audio through their Echo Dot smart speakers. The Echo Dot may also be an external speaker for wireless music from smartphones or tablets. That confirms that you can use the Amazon Echo Dot as a Bluetooth speaker.

It is a practical method for enjoying streaming services incompatible with Alexa, like podcast apps. Echo Dot will produce a higher-quality sound than the speakers integrated into your smartphone. Also, you may connect wireless gadgets like earbuds via Bluetooth for solo listening. Voice commands enable the quick connection process, which takes a few minutes.

Amazon Echo Dot Speakers

The Echo Dot, an Alexa-enabled smart speaker, is ideal for use in any setting. You may use voice commands to make phone calls and operate compatible smart home devices. The Echo Dot may function as a smart alarm clock in the bedroom that can also turn out the lights. Alternatively, you can use the smart device in the kitchen to conveniently set timers.

You may use voice control to play a song from platforms like Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, and Amazon Music. Additionally, it allows you to turn on the lamp and adjust a room’s temperature or the lights.

Functions of the Echo Dot

As a remote speaker, you can use your voice to control it to stream music or podcasts from different music service platforms. It is also the hub for all the smart home devices on your Wi-Fi network. The Echo Dot supports Bluetooth pairing with external speakers and devices, so it can be used even if you don’t have any smart home devices. Doing so would mean missing out on the device’s many useful features, so try out some of these simple, smart home gadgets instead.

Using the Amazon Alexa application on your Android or iPhone device, you can control your Echo Dot Speaker. You’ll also find the option to turn Alexa on or off. Just say “Alexa,” and she’ll start answering your questions and taking your commands. By simply mentioning “Alexa,” you will prompt a response by default. Also, any Echo device with Bluetooth connections in range will allow you to join the conversation.

Difference Between the Echo Dot and Other Echo Devices

Unlike its predecessors, the Echo Dot doesn’t appear like a hockey puck. As much as the design has altered, the functionality remains the same. As a result, users upgrading from previous models will not notice any significant differences.

It looks almost identical to the cheaper (3rd Gen) Smart Speaker but costs nearly twice as much. One key difference between them is the sound quality. In addition, the Amazon Echo Dot is not the best choice if you want to listen to music.

To achieve its lower price point, the Dot had to make several compromises compared to larger, more costly devices like the Amazon Echo Show and Echo Studio. While all Echo devices support the same Alexa voice commands, the Echo Dot lacks a smart display like the Echo Show.

It has lower-quality sound than the other Echo devices, especially the Echo Studio. Devices like the Echo Studio support Dolby Atmos, which translates to good sound quality, making them ideal speakers.

It’s important to note that the Echo Dot comes in two slightly distinct models. The LED screen on the Echo Dot can show the time, alarms, and timers. There’s also a kid-friendly version with Amazon Kids+ with exclusive features and parental controls.

Can Echo Dot Be Used as a Bluetooth Speaker

Using Echo Dots as Bluetooth Speakers

Here’s how to turn your Echo into a Bluetooth speaker for your phone, tablet, or other Bluetooth-enabled devices.

Turn on the Bluetooth on Your Mobile Device and Put It Into Pairing Mode

If your Echo is on and connected to Wi-Fi, you can link it with another Bluetooth device with the command “Alexa, pair” or “Alexa, search for Bluetooth devices.” If you set everything properly, the LED indicators will show a blue light and search for devices to connect to.

You can also download Amazon’s Alexa app on your phone or tablet. After launching the app, select “Devices” from the drop-down menu and “Echo and Alexa” from the following screen. Select the device you want by tapping on its name. Select “Bluetooth Connections” on the following menu and then “Connect a device.”

Using Your Phone or Tablet, Start Searching for Devices

To enable Bluetooth on your Apple device:

  • Launch the Settings app and select the appropriate option.
  • If Bluetooth is not already on, toggle it and then go to “Other Devices” below.
  • When the Echo screen appears, tap on it.

To activate Bluetooth on your Android device:

  • Go to Settings and click on Connections.
  • Before choosing “pair a new device” or “scan for devices,” you must turn Bluetooth on. The specifics of this procedure vary slightly between the various gadget producers.
  • Proceed to make your selection from the list of available smart home devices.

Start Streaming Music

Now that you’ve completed the pairing process, your Echo device will play any audio from your mobile device. Voice commands enable you to control playback, skip tracks, adjust volume, and more without contact with your device.

Voice commands such as “Alexa, connect to my phone” will enable your Echo Dot Speaker to reconnect with your device. By commanding Alexa to “disconnect from my phone,” you can restore things to their original state. Always refer to the device by its name as it appears in the connections section of Alexa’s app.

Connect to Other Echo Speakers

Adding other devices, like Bluetooth headphones or a high-tech stereo, works similarly. If your device is in pairing mode, you can ask Alexa to connect it by saying, “Alexa, pair.”


Is There a Monthly Fee for Alexa?

Use of Alexa is free on a month-to-month basis. Alexa’s artificial intelligence is available to anyone purchasing an Amazon Echo device. Technically, anyone may use the Alexa app on their smartphone for free regardless of whether they own an Echo device. You may expand Alexa’s capabilities by purchasing Amazon Prime and other third-party apps.

What Differentiates Echo and Alexa?

Alexa is the virtual assistant, the voice-controlled tool you can converse with and make inquiries and requests. As for Amazon’s Echo, that brand name refers merely to the hardware platform around which the AI Alexa is built: speakers.

Can You Use Echo Dot as a Bluetooth Speaker Without Wi-Fi?

In its most basic form, the Echo Dot is just a Bluetooth speaker if Wi-Fi isn’t there. You can use Bluetooth to listen to music; otherwise, your phone will be useless unless you have access to the internet. Without access to the internet, Amazon Alexa won’t be functional.

Can the Echo Dot Function as a Laptop’s Bluetooth Speaker?

Using Bluetooth, you can turn your Echo Dot into a speaker for your computer. To connect your device, open Bluetooth from the settings menu on your computer, search for it, and then click the Connect button. If you follow the on-screen prompts, you should be fine.


When you’ve already paired the devices, you can effortlessly reconnect whenever your phone or tablet is within range of your Echo Dot. Just say, “Alexa, connect to” or “Alexa, pair with,” followed by the name of that device.

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