Can Google Grogu with Built-in Speaker Compete Apple AirTags?

Google Grogu to Compete Apple AirTags

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We have seen a lot of tracking devices come out in recent months. From Samsung, Apple, and Tile, we have seen many tracking devices come from different companies. 

While all these tracking devices are great little tools for users, they did have some issues. And it seems like Google Grogu might fix things up.

That said, the device is not actually named “Grogu.” Instead, it is just a codename. But it is not the only codename that Google has set for the devices. 

Google Grogu to Compete Apple AirTags
Source: Apple

It is also known as “groguaudio” or “GR10.” And as far as the details go for the upcoming tracking device, there is not much info about it.

All that we know about the device comes from Kuba Wojciechowski. In a Tweet, he said that the team of Google Nest is working on a tracking device that has a “Grogu” codename. 

And Wojciechowski reports that the device will come in a variety of colors, which is something that will make the device stand out from the competition like Apple AirTags.

Google Grogu to Compete Apple AirTags
Source: Apple

However, that is not the only information that Wojciechowski has shared with us. As you might have guessed from the “groguaudio” codename, the device will feature a built-in speaker. 

And that might make Google Grogu capable of making it easier to find lost devices. Besides that, the Google Grogu is said to come with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and has support for ultra-wideband (UWB). 

These two technologies are crucial for accurate tracking. And if Google does everything right, the “Grogu” might offer exceptionally precise info about the device.

Google Grogu to Compete Apple AirTags
AirTag; Source: Apple

On that note, the timeline of Google Grogu will make a lot of sense if you take a look at the recent Google announcements. 

According to those announcements, ultra-wideband and Bluetooth stacks are about to become the mainline modules in Android 13.

As mentioned earlier, these two technologies are crucial for the Google Grogu tracking device. They will not only let the tracker offer precise location info but also make the tracker exceptionally efficient. 

In other words, the tracker will provide outstanding location-tracking performance without consuming too much power.

Google Grogu to Compete Apple AirTags
AirTag; Source: Apple

Furthermore, Esper’s Mishaal Rahman pointed out that the “Locator tag” was recently added by Google as a device type. It is now available in the Fast Pair developer console. 

And in case you don’t know, Fast Pair enables devices to be paired quickly. There will be no need to get into the settings menu of the phone to pair the trackers.

Nonetheless, Wojciechowski did not offer any firm date on when Google Grogu will release. However, he did suggest that the tracker device might be announced at the upcoming I/O Developer Conference.

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