Cyrus XR Series is Coming to North West Audio Show 2023

Cyrus XR Series

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If you are visiting the North West Audio Show 2023, get ready to experience two new products of the Cyrus XR Series. 

Among them, there’s a brand new streamer and a new stereo power amplifier. The new streamer goes by Cyrus Stream-XR, which runs on the BluOS platform. 

Thanks to the support of this advanced operating system, the Stream-XR can assure a lossless music stream of up to 24-bit/192 kHz.

Source: Cyrus Audio; CDi-XR

But the support for BluOS is not the only thing that’s making the new streamer of the Cyrus XR Series stand out. 

In addition, the streamer comes with the 2nd Gen QXR DAC that Cyrus Audio has been making noise about. Yes, it is the same DAC that’s present in the i9-XR, Pre-XR, and CDi-XR from Cyrus. 

That said, the new streamer of the Cyrus XR Series has already been through early demos. It received nothing but positive feedback from the early testers. 

Cyrus XR Series
Source: Cyrus Audio; CDi-XR

One of the primary highlights was that it brings easy access to high-quality audio via the BluOS app. And as it has BluOS, you can easily access a broad range of streaming services. 

That includes Spotify, Tidal, and Qobuz. Moreover, the stylish design and premium build quality make it look apart in any setup.

In short, Cyrus Audio has truly stepped things up by combining the PSU XR and the 2nd Gen QXR DAC. So, if you wish to enjoy an authentic high-end audio experience, you should check it out on the North West Show 2023.

Cyrus XR Series
Source: Cyrus; Pre-XR

The second highlight of the Cyrus XR Series is the Cyrus Power-XR. As mentioned earlier, it is a brand-new stereo amplifier of the series. 

And when it comes to key highlights, the important part is that it responds from DC to beyond 100 kHz.

This wideband nature of the new amplifier ensures that you get a flat frequency response. It will also enable you to enjoy high-end audio that will be free from undesirable phase shifts.

Cyrus XR Series
Source: Cyrus; Pre-XR

To complete the Cyrus XR Series demo at the North West Audio Show 2023, Cyrus Audio will bring out the Pre-XR and PSU-XR. These two will be powering both the latest products, which will eventually make sure that the demo offers the best possible experience.

In fact, you can witness a solid music setup with all of the XR products merged together. Cyrus has recently teased that the demo will utilize a pair of speakers that are “not usually associated with Cyrus.”

Nonetheless, it goes without saying that the Cyrus XR Series will surely dominate the North West Audio Show 2023. And if you are at the De Vere Cranage Estate in Cheshire, UK, on the 17th and 18th, you should not miss out on the experience.

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