Discovering New Audio Gear At Computex 2023: What I Liked

Audio at Computex 2023

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Most people might think that the Computex 2023 event in Taiwan is one of the largest computer-related conventions in the world, and they’re not wrong. 

However, there’s more to it than just interesting PC builds and cutting-edge cyber technology. 

I was personally scouring the various halls of this major gathering and while it was overwhelming, getting to test exciting new products was an incentive to soldier on. 

Here are my personal favorites from the convention in terms of audio.

Maktar Spectra X2 Dongle

Maktar Spextra X2 Dongle
Maktar Spextra X2 Dongle | Make Life Click

My first object of interest at the Computex 2023 is definitely the Maktar Spectra X2 – a compact 32-bit high-fidelity dongle meant for use primarily with smartphones. 

It’s advertised to boost audiophile-grade hardware a few notches even when you’re on the go, and that’s extremely easy to say but tricky to pull off. 

Now with the opportunity to try it out for myself, it was time to see if there was any truth in the company’s claims.

For the sake of transparency, the testing setup was as follows: a pair of Bowers & Wilkins P7 headphones were connected to an Apple iPhone running Apple Music on the highest possible settings. 

The test tracks were Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep” for that harmonic melody and some of Taylor Swift’s latest songs. 

Meanwhile, at the booth were two setups: either using an out-of-the-box OEM dongle versus the Maktar Spectra X2.

Maktar Spextra X2 Dongle Details
Zoomed-in detail | Make Life Click

Let’s be honest – the B&W P7s are awesome headphones out of the box. That’s why we weren’t too disappointed when testing them out while connected to the iPhone with a mere OEM Apple dongle. 

The vocals came through clearly – it had a wide soundstage and none of the instruments were left behind. Everything in the music was properly represented. 

I was a bit worried that by choosing such a “great” base platform to test with, the improvements with the Spectra would be too technical to notice. Us with sharp ears can tell, but casual listeners might not be able to.

I was wrong. 

Moving on to the Maktar Spectra X2s was an eye-opener. There’s a reason why the company was willing to demo with relatively high-end equipment – they’re that confident in the performance of their DAC.

The deficiencies on the base setup don’t stand out until you’ve tried out the DAC-equipped arrangement. 

To ensure that the changes weren’t just psychological, I moved back and forth between the two and still noticed the difference.

To put it simply, the sound becomes much fuller with the DAC on. It feels like it manages to extract the full potential of the P7s, with deeper tones and a more cinematic feel. 

Perhaps it provides more power in some way – which we know these bigger headphones need.

Those who want a duller and more neutral sound signature may prefer the first, but people looking for a fun listen without sacrificing technicalities will be quite pleased with the addition of the DAC. 

Just knowing that you can bring this with you is awesome. 

Maktar Spextra X2
With two connection options for compatibility
Maktar Spextra X2 used in a phone
Compatible with both Apple and Android phones

There are two options: an Apple Lightning connector and a USB Type C port for the rest of the world.

I asked the how the Spectra X2 differs from previous models and in response, the team discussed that the most significant improvement is in power efficiency. 

The DAC barely sips power from the source device, making it perfect for extended listening sessions.

With this, the Maktar Spectra X2 is perfect for audiophiles on the go who need a solution to amp

up their power-hungry equipment. You’ll notice the difference just like we did and it might be hard to go back to anything else after.

Its price tag of $169.99 might be a bit too steep for some, but you’re shelling out for portable power here.

CMT Concord Gaming Concept TWS Earbuds

CMT Concord Concept TWS
CMT Concord TWS Earbuds | Make Life Click

This is the second item on this list, which may get you thinking about what could be so unique about another pair of true wireless (TWS) buds since there are thousands on the market already.

Well, these are built for mobile gamers – not just in design, but also in technical specs. This is why I was keen to test them at the Computex 2023 event.

The best thing about the CMT Concord Gaming TWS earbuds is that it comes with a dual-mode wireless connection. 

You can make use of the latest Bluetooth 5.2 connection onboard with multipoint access. It makes switching between devices quite seamless.

Competitive gamers get minimal lag with just 48ms of response time. That’s basically nothing and it can give a usable advantage over other players. 

If Bluetooth isn’t your thing, then a 2.4 GHz wireless USB Type C dongle is also available.

Not a lot of TWS earbuds have this feature right now, but I do think it would come in handy when Bluetooth connections get spotty. 

In my opinion, the most noteworthy thing about this is the fact that upon removing the dongle, the TWS buds instantly get into Bluetooth mode and play over that. 

CMT Concord Concept TWS with USB Drive
With dual-mode wireless connection | Make Life Click

There’s no lag, no pause, and no interruption, so when you need to charge your source device, you won’t notice it due to the instantaneous connection.

These Concord Gaming TWS buds are rocking meaty 10mm drivers. 

Since they’re for gaming, the priority here was cinematic immersion and lifelike effects simulation. 

While it may not be the most neutral sound around for technical listeners, it works very well for gaming and video-watching. 

Nonetheless, the remarkably warm sound signature doesn’t get too bloaty and that’s more than good enough for me.

As a pair of gaming buds, these even come with RGB lighting and up to 28 hours of playtime. What more could you ask for to complete the “gamer aesthetic?”

Moondrop VOID Headphones

Moondrop Void on a headphone s stand
Moondrop Void | Make Life Click

We’re not necessarily saving the best for last. 

Technically, this wasn’t even part of Computex 2023, but I was able to give them a test run while I was in Taiwan. 

I wasn’t going to miss the opportunity to try out the “budget” version of Moondrop’s first over-ear effort, even if that statement is a bit questionable at $200.

For those who aren’t familiar with the brand, Moondrop does a bevy of IEMs and has risen to fame for its unparalleled sound quality (and anime aesthetics) within the budget sphere. 

They’ve also done mid to higher-end stuff, and those have met resounding success as well.

Getting them in my hands, I had to remove my rose-tinted glasses because, boy, do these feel cheaply made. I’ve had $100 headphones with double the build quality of these, and it’s just a bit concerning. 

It feels much like a toy – especially when you consider that the wires come out of both ends like a generic headphone from a flea market.

The silver lining here is that these are LIGHT. You don’t feel the weight when they’re on, and the clamping force is just right. 

While it’s a bit stiff due to the plastic build, the cushioning is enough to keep things comfy. It’s ideal for listening to albums and even whole playlists while relaxing in your seat. 

Given that these are open-back headphones, we’d recommend using them at home since ambient noise does easily pour into the music. In a quiet setting, I have no doubts that these will leak too.

Let’s get to sound quality. 

Moondrop Void Headband
Headband design
Moondrop Void - Open-back design
Open-back design

As usual, it does its best to follow the Moondrop Virtual Diffuse Field graph type. This usually leads to a tonally accurate and pleasant listening experience, but with some hints of warmth to keep things fun. 

It’s enough to satisfy the nitpickers out there while not taking everything away from the casual listeners.

What I can say is that those aural characteristics can be found here too. 

Everything sounds as it should and the technicalities are somehow still in the picture. I doubt anyone will be offended by listening to these – regardless of their experience with audio.

For the price, that’s where the issues start rolling in. 

I can forgive the build quality, but the bass is just lacking oomph. Perhaps it’s due to its nature as an open-back, but somehow others have managed to maintain some sort of rumble in the low end that this pair lacks.

Also, this sounds a bit too much like the brand’s IEMs. While the not-so-deep soundstage is

perfectly alright on those smaller buds due to sonic limitations, it’s inexcusable here. 

The larger surface area of the cups and drivers should be able to provide the wide soundstage you need. Sadly, they don’t.

Tracks with a distinct separation between vocals and instruments are spared, but busier ones tend to get a bit lost in the sauce. 

Moondrop Void on a man's head
Testing the Moondrop Void | Make Life Click

Things eventually end up being a bit confusing and we expected Moondrop to somehow adjust to this new technology they’re experimenting with.

For a first attempt, the Moondrop VOID is a passable option. 

Stellar, even. But we just can’t justify purchasing it right now over tried-and-tested options from Sennheiser, Grado, or HifiMan, most particularly the entry-level models.

Final Thoughts on Computex 2023

With that, I’ve more or less gone over my favorite audio features and items from Computex 2023. 

There were definitely a lot of interesting finds – some more impressive than others. I’m definitely looking forward to the next one.

Did you attend the Computex event? What were your favorites? Let me know in the comments!

As someone who is very passionate about all things tech, Nath loves breaking concepts down into simple terms for even beginners to understand. In his free time, he travels, indulges in his automotive hobbies, or simply looks for new jams to listen to.

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