DYU Introduces a New Generation of Smart E-Bikes: T1, V8, KING750, and FF500 Now Available Online

DYU Smart E-Bikes

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As the premier innovator and manufacturer of some of the smartest electronic bikes to have graced the market, DYU strives for excellence in everything it does. 

Continuously pushing the envelope, this brand is launching four new products, introducing T1, V8, KING750, and FF500 eBikes to its enviable catalog. 

These unique designs are aesthetically and functionally different but what brings them together is the array of cutting-edge technologies DYU’s experts utilized to create new standards in the eBike industry. 

DYU: Striving for a Cleaner Community by Launching Green Initiatives

DYU is a Chinese brand founded and helmed by Leven Lee, a pioneer in e-bike technology with an unrivaled passion for sustainable engineering. 

With more than a million e-bikes sold to green-minded individuals across all compass points, DYU is raising the bar of quality living while making the world a healthier place.

DYU is committed to bringing the latest electronic e-bike technologies accessible and available at highly approachable prices. 

The global launch of the latest additions to its menu is in perfect harmony with the company’s vision: “clean energy will be the future”, and DYU wants its customers to be a part of it. 

DYU T1: Elegant Commute in the City

Code: DYU100 ($100 off) Promo Price: $899

Light magnesium alloy body
DYU T1 Magnesium Alloy body
Removable battery for convenience

Designed with simplicity in mind, the T1 electronic bike boasts a variety of exquisite features that allow for easy, elegant commutes to and from the workplace, grocery shopping, and casual riding. 

Sporting a body made of quality magnesium alloy while being foldable, T1 brings the convenience of portability to its users. 

This electronic bike sports front and rear-mounted mechanic brakes for safe riding, as well as a fully adjustable seat to ensure personalized comfort. 

Priced at $999, DYU T1 is equipped with a 18650 Li-Ion battery that boasts a long lifespan, which is complemented by the efficiency-boosting benefits of the torque sensor technology. 

DYU V8: Outdoor and Personalized Riding

Code: DYU100 ($100 off) Promo Price: $1,499

Strong 750W high-power motor
DYU V8 Dual Suspension System
With a dual suspension system

Sturdy, quick, and remarkably comfortable, DYU’s new V8 electronic bike offers unrivaled performance to outdoor riders seeking a powerful and safe e-bike. 

Capable of reaching up to 27.9 Mph, the V8 bike is significantly faster than average electronic bikes. It is powered by a robust 750W motor and 48V ELITOP batteries that offer hours of fun and excitement. 

With three unique riding modes, owners of DYU V8 have an opportunity to seamlessly shift between intense racing setups and casual riding speeds. Dual shock-absorbing suspension ensures smooth bump control and guarantees that the rider will remain stable, no matter which obstacle comes their way. 

One of the most important features of the V8 e-bike is the intuitive LCD display. It gives the rider a clear overview of the remaining battery levels, adjusts speed in real-time, updates the mileage, and displays the current riding mode. 

With a price tag of $1,599, DYU V8 is among the more affordable mid-range e-bikes. 

DYU KING 750: Outdoor Cycling and Adventurous Spirit

Promo Price: $1,299

DYU King 750
Feature multiple shock absorption system
DYU King 750 - 750W Motor
Up To 900W High-Speed Motor

Aptly named KING 750, one of the newest additions to DYU’s menu is a groundbreaking mesh of cutting-edge technologies and intelligent design. This e-bike boasts an unmatched operational range, comes equipped with ultra-thick tires, and is capable of reaching a whopping 28 Mph maximal speed. 

DYU King 750 is powered by 48V LG batteries and a 750W motor, which enable it to dash through outdoor landscapes without compromising stability. Owners of the DYU King 750 can rest assured they will be able to go anywhere with their new e-bike, as its maximum range spans 80 miles. 

Rocking a pair of 26-inch all-terrain tires, DYU King 750 can easily traverse any kind of surface, whether it be snow, dirt, sand, grass, or concrete. Supplied with twin hydraulic brakes, this is one of the safest e-bikes in the current market. 

The DYU KING 750 is currently priced at $1,799.

DYU FF500: Comfortable City Commuter Ride

Promo Price: $1,099

High efficiency 48V 14AH battery
DYU FF500 Shock Absorption System
High-Speed 500W Motor

The newest generation of DYU products would not be complete without the FF500 – the best-rounded e-bike of the four. The FF500 offers a comfortable ride, great operational range, a foldable design, and a strong 500W motor, as well as multiple riding speeds and long battery life. 

Whether you’re looking for a spring bike that can take you to the gym, your favorite restaurant, or a park, FF500 is what you’re after. 

With a whisper-quiet motor, three riding speeds, and a range of 43.5 miles, reaching any location will be easier than ever. Priced at $1,899, This bike is also remarkably portable and packs front and rear disc brakes for dependable stopping action. 

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