FZ Liberty Z1 vs. FZ Liberty Z2 – Which Liberty IEM Stands Out In The Lineage?

FZ Liberty Z1 vs. FZ Liberty Z2

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The FZ Liberty Z2 is the latest addition to my FZ collection as it was my last purchase from FZ after being impressed by the Liberty Z1 and the Liberty Max.

Both the Liberty Z1 and Liberty Z2 have decent performance for their price, and I hope that FZ will be consistent with their IEM releases in the near future. And in this article, I’ll be comparing these earphones so you’ll get an idea of which one fits your preference. 

FZ Liberty Z1 vs. FZ Liberty Z2: Sound Signature

The FZ Liberty Z1 has a V-shaped tuning with a hint of warmth.  This type of tuning is great for extended listening sessions without causing ear fatigue.

FZ Liberty Z1
FZ Liberty Z2

The bass is excellent here as it’s powerful, especially with the mid-bass. Its sub-bass is also not to be neglected, as it delivers decent rumble that impacts the overall mix. The midrange is okay despite its recession. While the treble is also decent and is tuned to have a smooth presentation of specific musical elements.

It’s suitable for energetic genres like EDM, rock, pop, and even R&B.

FZ Liberty Z1 - Design
Liberty Z1 and Libert Z2 faceplates | Make Life Click
FZ Liberty Z2 - Design

The is FZ Liberty Z1 for you if:

  • You like a warm tuning but are still energetic.
  • You like to listen to music for long periods.
  • You like an earphone that is suitable for most genres.

While the FZ Liberty Z2 also has a V-shaped tuning but what makes this bad boy different from the Z1 is that it has a hint of neutrality. All three regions are almost tuned to not overpower each other but the bass region still feels overwhelming at times.

The bass of the Liberty Z2 lacks depth and note weight although it still has a nice rumble when needed.

Its mid-bass isn’t the strongest like the Liberty Z1 but it continuously delivers punchiness and still impacts the music.

Going to the midrange, the mids of the Liberty Z2 is recessed but not completely laid-back. Meanwhile, the treble region is also recessed like the midrange. It needs more energy and this might be a letdown for users who want their highs more sparkly.

The is FZ Liberty Z2 for you if:

  • You like a neutral-sounding earphone.
  • You like your treble toned down.
  • You like your earphone to be less overwhelming.

FZ Liberty Z1 vs. FZ Liberty Z2: Sound Quality

Regarding the sound quality of the FZ Liberty Z1, it’s more of a bass-oriented IEM. I also immediately noticed the overpowered mid-bass, which sometimes gets bloated. Considering its price, it’s not that bad but it could be annoying at some point.

FZ Liberty Z1 vs. FZ Liberty Z2 on top of the Retail Box
FZ Liberty IEMs with standard packaging | Make Life Click

The sub-bass of the Liberty Z1 is a great asset because of its substantial rumbles and a great amount of depth, even though it’s not that prominent compared to the mid-bass.

Meanwhile, the midrange of the Liberty Z1 contributes to the warmth of its sound signature. It’s recessed, mainly because of the overpowered mid-bass crossing the midrange. Despite the recession, it didn’t affect the vocals and instruments much. Both male and female vocals are presented equally, as they are articulate and well-spaced. Instrument separation is also decent.

The highs are presented smoothly with minimal to no sibilance. It’s also consistent and doesn’t get grainy, though it may sound unnatural sometimes. 

The soundstage is also decent for its price. It has enough width and depth, which is unexpected at this price point.

The is FZ Liberty Z1 for you if:

  • You like a mid-bass-oriented lower region.
  • You like to hear both male and female vocals equally.
  • You like your highs to be presented smoothly.

What made the FZ Liberty Z2 unique is the natural tonality it produces despite the minor setbacks it has in its different regions.

With the bass of the Z2, it’s too shallow and lacks impact with every rumble it makes. Like the Z1, the mid-bass is also more prominent than the sub-bass. The good thing is that it doesn’t get bloated.

The midrange of the Z2 is also wide, which causes the texture of the mids to become off. But even with the recession, the mids still present the instruments with accuracy and great natural tonality to them.

FZ Liberty Z1 inside the cut out
Both with a V-shaped sound signature | Make Life Click
FZ Liberty Z2 inside the cut out

My only problem is that female vocals are more forward than males. Female vocals are more sparkly due to the Z2’s note weight imbalance.

The treble of the Z2 offers a high-resolution type of quality that some notes are becoming grainy. Despite this, sibilance is minimal, which is suitable for treble-sensitive listeners. It’s also not that energetic compared to the Liberty Z1.

The soundstage is also nice if we’re going to talk about its width and not the height.

The is FZ Liberty Z2 for you if:

  • You like a high-resolution sound.
  • You like a less energetic IEM.
  • You like to hear female vocals better.

FZ Liberty Z1 vs. FZ Liberty Z2: Caveats

The issue with the FZ Liberty Z1 would be its overbearing mid-bass that gets bloated and crosses the midrange. But if we’re considering the whole sound quality of the Z1, it’s an excellent combination that does well with each other.

On the other hand, the FZ Libert Z2’s cons would be the sound balance that’s a bit off and the lack of dynamics in every region. Another thing to point out is the shortcoming of Z2 in terms of its technicalities.

On the brighter side, the Z2 defeats the Z1 with the natural tonality it produces, which the Z1 struggles to deliver.

FZ Liberty Z1 vs. FZ Liberty Z2 inside the cut out
Budget-friendly IEMs with decent quality | Make Life Click


The FZ Liberty Z1 and Z2 are both great IEMs with similar sound signatures (because they came from the same series). They both sound great, which is unexpected because of their offered price.

The Liberty Z1 offers an energetic sound because of its strong mid-bass. Its technicalities are also admirable and consistent. On the other hand, the Liberty Z2 offers a neutral tuning but goes off with its treble that is in high resolution but somehow dull. 

The technicalities of the Z2 are below average, and it’s like a toned-down version of the Z1’s technicalities.

With everything discussed, I prefer the FZ Liberty Z1 because of its energetic sound. The Liberty Z2 is also nice, and I’d use it on special occasions.

FZ Liberty Z1
FZ Liberty Z2

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As a part-time musician, Shaik enjoys expressing his self creatively through music. Whether it's writing original songs or performing covers, music is a significant part of Shaik's life

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