Gold Note PH-1000 LITE Announced

Gold Note PH-1000 LITE

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The high-end Italian HiFi brand has just announced its newest addition to the PH-100 phonostage lineup. And although it has the name “Lite” in it, the performance of the Gold Note PH-1000 LITE is truly amazing.

Gold Note designed the PH-1000 LITE for those who are looking for high flexibility without sacrificing one bit in the quality. 

There are a total of three inputs, which include one balanced XLR and two unbalanced RCA. As a user of the PH-1000 LITE, you will have to select one from 36 different EQ curves.

Gold Note PH-1000 LITE
PH-1000; Source: Gold Note

There’s even an option on the Gold Note PH-1000 LITE to stream Mono and Stereo LPs. Although there are no infinite EQ curves, you will find four manually adjustable presets. Those should be enough to make the output sound exactly how you want.

Other than that, the main features of Gold Note PH-1000 LITE include a gain range from 31 dB to 74 dB. On the other hand, the load range is from 10 ohms to 100 kOhm. 

There’s also a Class A output stage, which will make sure that you get the purest quality sound out of the phonostage.

Gold Note PH-1000 LITE
PH-1000; Source: Gold Note

Besides, the overall build quality of the PH-1000 LITE is pretty impressive. The body is made of high-grade aluminum. 

And for the internals, the Gold Note PH-1000 LITE utilizes high-precision electronic components and circuitry.

In fact, to ensure that the user experience remains top-notch, Gold Note made all the components go through strict QC tests. All of those are computer-controlled, which enhances the precision of the tests to the next level.

Gold Note PH-1000 LITE
PH-1000; Source: Gold Note

There is a Single Control Knob on the PH-1000 LITE, which is the same as the regular version. It even comes with a display on the front, enabling you to monitor all the crucial parameters of the playback.

Now, you might wonder how different is the Gold Note PH-1000 LITE from the regular version. The main difference is that the standard version allows users to tune infinite EQ curves

Alongside that, there are 36 different EQ curves with four manually adjustable ones. The infinite EQ curves are the only thing missing in the LITE.

Gold Note PH-1000 LITE
PH-1000 LITE; Source: Gold Note

Besides that, there are 14 gain and 12 load levels in the regular PH-1000. The load levels are not specified in the Gold Note PH-1000 LITE. However, we do know the range.

Nonetheless, the main thing is that Gold Note PH-1000 LITE is an excellent option if you want to have high overall flexibility without compromising quality. 

But if you want to have something a bit more advanced, you should check out the regular PH-1000 or the PH-1000 TRIO.

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