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Ultimate Ears Boom 3

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If you’re looking for a super portable wireless Bluetooth speaker, you should check out the Ultimate Ears Boom 3. And just because it has a highly portable form factor, it doesn’t mean that the sound quality is below average.

Best Value
Ultimate Ears Boom 3 Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Balanced 360° sound, deep bass, one-touch music control, water, dust & drop proof, and stunning audio high-performance.

As a matter of fact, the Boom 3 from Ultimate Ears can offer better and louder audio than most of the wireless speakers that are much larger in size.

It also comes with a lot of advanced wireless and audio tech. They work together to enhance the overall audio performance and let you enjoy all the details from your favorite tracks.

Ultimate Ears Boom 3
Source: Ultimate Ears

But you’d want to grab the speaker as fast as you can. Wondering why? This super portable and feature-packed speaker is currently on discount. 

You can save 33% from the regular price if you’re fast enough to grab this limited-time deal. Are you curious to know more about the Ultimate Ears Boom 3? Let’s start by describing more about the form factor of the wireless speaker. 

This speaker is the same size as the bottle you carry around on your bicycle. To be exact, the speaker can be kept within the built-in water bottle holding mount found on bicycles.

Ultimate Ears Boom 3
Source: Ultimate Ears

And that automatically means that you can keep the Ultimate Ears Boom 3 in the smallest pockets of your backpack. Even though the speaker is super portable, it has the sonic punch that most music listeners look for. 

It comes with a robust driver setup and has high-end audio processing. Those two results make the wireless speaker offer clear and well-balanced audio

And the great part is that the sound output remains pretty consistent throughout the entire range. The speaker also does a great job of offering a deep and rich bass.

Ultimate Ears Boom 3
Source: Ultimate Ears

You’ll be quite amazed by the texture of the bass output, which remains true to the original mix. In other words, the drivers don’t overemphasize or underemphasize the bass.

In addition to that, the Ultimate Ears Boom 3 can offer spatial 360-degree audio. With this, the audio out of the wireless speaker radiates evenly in all directions, offering you a concert-like listening experience.

Moreover, you can pair this speaker with other Boom and MegaBoom speakers from Ultimate Ears. That’ll let you further enhance the immersive nature of the sound output and get a true party-like feeling.

Ultimate Ears Boom 3
Source: Ultimate Ears

It’s easy to control the Ultimate Ears Boom 3 too. The speaker has a button on the top, letting you quickly pause, play, and skip tracks. And it supports Spotify, Amazon Prime Music, and Amazon Music Ultimate.

Regarding the build quality, the speaker has an IP67 rating. This rating makes the wireless speaker ready for all your adventures. Lastly, the speaker can deliver up to 15 hours of playtime with a single charge.

Ultimate Ears Boom 3 Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker - Lagoon Blue
Ultimate Ears Boom 3 Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

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