HiFiMan Audivina, Sundara Silver, and EF600 Announced

HiFiMan Audivina

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If you want to upgrade your HiFi gear, you should check out the latest products of HiFiMan. The audio specialist has just introduced two brand-new headphones and one pumped-up headphone amplifier.

Among the headphones, one is called Audivina. It is larger than the other headphone that the brand has released. 

And at the core, it is a closed magnetostatic model mainly for studio use. However, that does not mean it will deliver average performance in other use cases.

HiFiMan Audivina
Source: HiFiMan; Audivina

According to the brand, Audivina also aims to deliver a redefined audiophile music experience. So, you can use it as a professional-grade headphones for listening to casual music.

Alongside that, the Audivana utilizes a unique magnetostatic design for the drivers. It comprises thin foil, which is for reducing the resonances. 

So, you can expect an authentic HiFi experience from the drivers. But the music experience is one of many things that Audivana showcases its expertise on. 

HiFiMan Audivina
Source: HiFiMan; Audivina

The manufacturer also focused on the overall build. The headphone comes with a wooden construction with a special design to make the headphone look good and eliminate the resonances. 

This design also makes the headphone achieve a wide soundstage. Other than that, HiFiMan went for steel and aluminum for the headband. 

This combination of materials makes the band exceptionally durable. Alongside the durability, HIFiMan claims that the construction enhances comfort. To be exact, the audio specialist promises high and long-wearing comfort.

HiFiMan Sundara Silver
Source: HiFiMan; Sundara

Moving on, the brand’s second new headphone is Sundara Silver. As you probably guessed, the new headphone is the successor to the Sundara, a popular option among Asian audiophiles.

According to HiFiMan, the predecessor was targeted at the Asian audience who liked high frequencies. That was basically the reason why it did not find that much popularity in the European market.

So, for the Sundara Silver, HiFiMan considered the frequency output of the drivers. It comes with a brand-new diaphragm damping system. 

HiFiMan EF600
Source: HiFiMan; EF600

The Sundara Silver also has a redesigned perforated grille and protective fleece. However, the earpieces and ear pads are said to be taken directly from the predecessor.

Lastly, you have the HiFiMan EF600 headphone amplifier. It comes with an integrated D/A converter. It has a DAC, which the brand itself develops  “Hymalaya Pro.” 

According to the audio specialist, this special R2R DAC is supposedly better than the regular modern DACs found in the wild.

The improvements that HiFiMan claims are in terms of sound quality, energy consumption, and measurements. Even though it consumes relatively low power, it can drive power-hungry headphones. So, it should exceed your expectations.

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