The Iconic Media Player Just Got Updated: Winamp RC1

Winamp RC1

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Winamp just released a new version with an initial RC1 (Release Candidate 1) installer. This installer is for the classic media player, and it is available for download. But what exactly is Winamp? 

It is a media player that people relied on to play MP3 tracks back in the early days. The app first came out in 1997, and it had a lot of things that other competitors did not. For example, custom visuals, interface skins, and other features that were pretty unique for that time.

The last version, which was version 5.8, came out in the year 2018. And the new one has come in the form of Winamp RC1 Build. What took them so long?

Winamp RC1
Source: Jumpstory

According to the notes, “This is the culmination of 4 years’ work since the 5.8 release. Two dev teams, and a pandemic-induced hiatus period in between.”

The release notes also stated that the new Winamp might not seem like something with a whole load of changes. However, the devs had to go through a lot just to make the media player reach this stage. 

That includes migrating the entire project to VS2019 from VS2008. Also, getting everything in place to make the current build work as it should.

Basically, with the RC1 version of Winamp, all of the groundwork is in place. And the developers stated that the build will now focus on adding more features to the current build, making it better than what it is now.

Winamp RC1
Source: Jumpstory

That said, there is a catch with the new RC1 version. It has better compatibility with Windows 11. So, if you are still rocking with Windows 10, you will not be capable of enjoying the new Winamp to its fullest.

Nonetheless, if you are not in Windows 11 or can not run the Winamp RC1 version, you are not missing out on much. The devs still need to put a lot of work into the project. In fact, the release notes tell you what you can expect exactly from the current version. 

It states that extensive “internal testing has already been carried out.” However, the notes said there’s still more to be done on that front, and “all features need testing.”

Winamp RC1
Source: Winamp

For that reason, you will notice the labeling RC1 in the version. It states that the current version is a candidate for the final release. 

However, it is still a functional preview of the final product. This labeling also says that more work needs to be done to make the current version reach the level of the final expected product.

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