Introducing the Klipsch Music City Series

Klipsch Music City Series

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The Klipsch Music City Series comprises the latest entries from the American audio brand. At the core, the series is inspired by the legendary music genres of iconic American music cities and artists.

According to Paul Jacobs, the President and CEO of Klipsch, “Our Klipsch Music City Series is a celebration of music and culture. We wanted to pay homage to some of the most influential cities that have shaped the world of music, and we did so by crafting speakers that not only sound incredible but also embody the essence of Austin, Nashville, and Detroit.”

As you may have guessed, there are three speakers in the new series. They are Detroit, Nashville, and Austin. Among them, the Klipsch Austin is the most portable one.

Klipsch Music City Series
Source: Klipsch

This ultra-portable speaker of the Klipsch Music City Series takes inspiration from the passion and artistry that makes Austin the live music capital of the globe. You can take it to any concert for its ultra-portable form factor.

Moving on, the Klipsch Music City Series has Nashville. Like Austin, it pays homage to the rich musical heritage and soulful melodies of Nashville.

It also offers a 360-degree sound experience, which is powered by the dual opposing drivers of the wireless speaker.

Klipsch Music City Series
Source: Klipsch

Then, there’s the Klipsch Music City Series Detroit. It’s the largest model in the new range. And Klipsch took inspiration from the Motor City’s legacy for this speaker.

Regardless of the size and where the speakers are inspired, each delivers a premium and class-leading sound experience.

But in terms of the inspirations they took, the speakers can truly capture the essence of each music city they’re representing.

Klipsch Music City Series
Source: Klipsch

Besides, the speakers of the series are compatible with other Klipsch models. They come with Klipsch Broadcast Mode, letting you wirelessly pair the models to get an enhanced surround sound experience.

Moreover, the new Klipsch Music City Series speakers can deliver extended battery life. Even the smallest mode, the Austin can offer 12 hours of runtime. On the other hand, the largest model, the Detroit can deliver 24 hours of playback.

In addition, the speakers feature an IP67 rating. This rating makes each of the models capable of withstanding challenging environments. That automatically means you can safely take them to the beach or keep them near your pool.

Klipsch Music City Series
Source: Klipsch

You also get enhanced customizability features. The new speakers are compatible with the Klipsch Connect app. This app lets you personalize the bass, vocals, and other settings.

Other highlights of the Klipsch Music City Series include Bluetooth 5.3. It’s the leading wireless connectivity standard in the market, known for extended range and reliable connections.

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