Kerr Acoustic K200 Announced – Three-way Stand-mount Loudspeaker

Kerr Acoustic K200

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The well-known British HiFi brand has just unveiled its latest offering to the world, the Kerr Acoustic K200. 

Being famous in professional audio circles, Kerr Acoustic excels in delivering audiophile-grade loudspeakers in the market. It even has a good overall presence in the pro studio segment.

And for the latest offering, the British HiFi brand has combined all the expertise it gathered over the past few years. So, it goes without saying that the K200 is indeed a strong addition to Kerr Acoustic’s portfolio.

Kerr Acoustic K200
Source: KerrAcoustic

According to Kerr Acoustic, the K200 aims to deliver a compromise-free performance. Now, when you think about getting a class-leading speaker performance, it is natural to think of something large in size. 

Well, the Kerr Acoustic K200 keeps the form factor compact! The British HiFi brand added that the loudspeaker takes several elements from the K100. 

And in case you didn’t know, the reference K100 model delivered an authentic HiFi experience. But it is not like the Kerr Acoustic K200 just took the elements in the same format.

Kerr Acoustic K200
Source: KerrAcoustic

Instead, the Kerr Acoustic K200 packs all the good things about the K100 in a more manageable and space-friendly format. 

For that reason, you will not need to go through any hassles when setting the speakers up in your compact space.

Regarding the music-listening experience, the 24mm Baltic birch plywood is one of the main highlights. It comes with the unique Kerr Acoustic transmission line loading. 

Kerr Acoustic K200
Source: KerrAcoustic

This exclusive construction ensures that the Kerr Acoustic K200 does not face any limitations in delivering class-leading performance.

Under the hood, the Kerr Acoustic K200 packs a combination of drivers. On the bottom, there is a brand-new 10-inch bass driver. 

This Radial driver comes from Dorset-based Volt. Paired with the 3-inch mid-range driver and the 60mm true ribbon tweeter, the K200 will basically provide you with an out-of-the-world experience.

Kerr explains, “We’ve been using Volt’s 12-inch bass driver in our reference-level K100 model for some time now and have been staggered by its performance. So it’s an honor to be the first manufacturer to bring this very special new driver into a commercial product.”

Kerr Acoustic K200
Source: KerrAcoustic

In terms of the Pro Audio aspect, Kerr says that the Kerr Acoustic K200 is designed to deliver a sound with the highest level of detail and realism. 

And the best part is that the audio quality will not degrade as you turn up the volume. A distortion-free audio experience is something you can not put a price on.

That said, if you are looking forward to getting the HiFi speaker, it will be available in multiple natural wood veneer finishes. So, the speaker will not fail to amp up the outlook of your audio setup.

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