kobo eReader Software – Top 5 FAQs Answered [VIDEO]

kobo Libra h20 eReader Review

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I get regular questions about the kobo software and how different parts of it work.

The most common recent questions about the kobo include:

  • How Dictionaries work and how to use them
  • How to change the language of the Dictionary
  • How to use Wikipedia on the kobo
  • How to search Google from a kobo
  • How to highlight text
  • How to hightlight, annotate text on a kobo and add notes – and how to find them afterwards

In this video, we’ll answer all these questions.

A quick and easy video answers some of your most common kobo FAQ

About Kobo eReaders

kobo eReaders are a selection of eBook devices that include affordable smaller units right up to larger waterproof and high-resolution screens.

Some current models include the kobo format, kobo libra h20 and kobo Elipsa.

These devices allow you to read ebooks and most include a backlight for easier reading in darker spaces, or at night.

You can load ePub files, use OverDrive to connect to your local library or also load PDF files on for easy reading. This is done by connecting the kobo eReader to your computer.

You can also purchase books from the kobo store online.

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