McIntosh Retro AM/FM Tuners are Here with Some Exciting Features


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A powerful stereo FM broadcast can have relatively high fidelity; thus, having a competent tuner might pay dividends. Especially if you also want the ease of use and consistent reception. 

McIntosh introduced the new MR89 AM/FM tuners and guarantees high-quality sound for your FM broadcast. The latest from the Birmingham, New York-based company pays homage to their legendary MR78 tuner. 

MR78 won a place in the Audiophile Hall of Fame for its ability to differentiate between two very close (n frequency) FM sources, even if one was noticeably weaker. Well, today’s radio listeners have a bigger need than ever for a discriminating tuner, as the airwaves are overcrowded.

Source: McIntosh Labs

McIntosh offers old-school Radio a modernized facelift with its new MR89. According to the manufacturer, the new stereo receiver features a slew of acoustic improvements, including modifications to sensitivity, signal-to-noise ratio, harmonic distortion, channel selectivity, and stereo separation.

With a black-glass outer panel and brushed aluminum end-caps, the styling is quite vintage. Balanced or unbalanced analog outputs, as well as digital coaxial plus optical outputs, are all available.

Source: McIntosh Labs

Upgraded stereo blending, a ‘Softmute’ tool to limit audio output from low-quality station inputs, as well as a Highcut function to redirect audio content are among the new features.

McIntosh radio frequency (RF) circuitry has also been built to pick up powerful FM signals from nearby stations while filtering out noise from weaker FM frequencies.

What more features does this FM tuner have? Check out the followings from the company itself:

  • Soft mute function to decrease the audio output of inferior quality station input 
  • Highcut function to reduce the increasing frequency and audio content 
  • FM Radio Broadcast Data System (RBDS) assistance in displaying station as well as music information 
  •  Adjustable Seek function 
  • Capacity to process 20+ preset stations for both AM/FM

The MR89’s excellent signal quality monitor shows signal, noise levels, and multipath, so you may fine-tune your AM or FM antenna positioning (a McIntosh RAA2 AM antenna is included). 

Source: McIntosh Labs

The MR89 offers analog outputs that are both balanced and unbalanced, as well as digital coax and optical outputs. RF circuitry in the tuner can receive powerful FM signals from surrounding stations as well as weaker FM frequencies with next to no noise.

The signal level out of each channel’s analog output is displayed on two 60dB meters. Meanwhile, the volume is controlled by the preamplifier, integrated or other control devices. 

Radio listeners looking for the most incredible tuner will be pleased to learn that it will begin shipping in Canada and the United States in June 2022 (i.e., this month), with the rest of the world following soon after.

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