Everything We Know About the Microsoft Surface Go 4

Microsoft Surface Go 4

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Considering how all the rumors regarding the Microsoft Surface Go 4 have been ramping up recently, it’s pretty much safe to say that the 2-in-1 device is over the horizon.

As a matter of fact, Microsoft already has a special event set for this month. It’s due on September 21. In this event, Microsoft will launch the Surface Pro 10, the tablet PC Surface Pro 9 successor.

But alongside that, the Microsoft Surface Go 4 may make a touchdown in the event. And the timing couldn’t be more suitable. After all, the last Go device, the Surface Go 3, launched on September 22, 2021.

Microsoft Surface Go 4
Source: Microsoft; Surface Go 3

However, the Go 3 didn’t get as much success as the other Surface devices from Microsoft. According to most, Microsoft failed to deliver the proper 2-in-1 device that the market currently needs.

With the Microsoft Surface Go 4, it’s likely time for redemption. Although, it’ll less likely be a complete overhaul as the last device did some things right, such as the design.

So, the upcoming 2-in-1 device will most likely come with the same design aspect as the predecessor.

Microsoft Surface Go 4
Source: Microsoft; Surface Go 3

That means you can expect a very portable form factor with all the essential ports and I/O you need in a device such as this.

But, yes, the Microsoft Surface Go 4 should come with a modern-looking screen. The predecessor had thick bezels, which didn’t go well with the current laptops.

On that note, one big change the upcoming device will likely see is a design that’s easier to repair. Windows Central reported that the 2-in-1 device will “feature a replaceable battery, kickstand, display, and even motherboard.”

Microsoft Surface Go 4
Source: Microsoft; Surface Go 3

Regarding the specs and performance, the Microsoft Surface Go 4 is rumored to phase out the 4GB RAM configuration. That means the base model will feature 8GB of RAM.

When it comes to storage, the base unit will reportedly come with 128GB of storage. In terms of the processor, Android Authority reported that the Microsoft Surface Go 4 will feature an N200 SoC.

This processor will make the base model of the upcoming 2-in-1 device more capable of the high-end Surface Go 3 model.

Microsoft Surface Go 4
Source: Microsoft; Surface Go 3

Although there’s no report regarding the battery life, Microsoft should work on offering a better battery performance than its predecessor. You could hardly get over six hours of runtime with a full charge.

Nonetheless, all of these pieces of info regarding the Microsoft Surface Go 4 come from different sources. And none of them is confirmed unless Microsoft says so. So, take them with a grain of salt.

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