New Java Carbon Range AMPs Launched

Java Carbon

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New Zealand-based HiFi brand Java HiFi has officially introduced two new additions to its lineup, the Java Carbon Single and Double Shot amps.

As you can guess, the amps come with a carbon fiber outer casing. To be exact, the models feature 9 mm carbon fiber outer casework.

For those wondering, carbon fiber is well-known for its damping capabilities. It also offers superior noise shielding, which eventually enhances the sound performance of the audio devices.

Java Carbon
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In addition to sporting carbon fiber, the new Java Carbon range amps come with a construction of unique materials. They aim to reduce radio frequency interference and electromagnetic interference.

But the ultimate aim of this construction is to lower the noise floor to the lowest possible range. All of these enhancements work flawlessly with the components inside the new Java Carbon amps.

These components include the ETI FS-08 RCA connectors, IsoAcoustics Gaia IV feet, and ETI Research Kryo binding posts.

Java Carbon
Source: Java; Single

Martin Bell from Java HiFi says, “These enhancements deliver subtle yet significant enhancements to the sound quality and a rather striking aesthetic that creates a powerful presence on any audio rack.”

When it comes to specifics, the Java Carbon Single Shot integrated amplifier is rated for 200 watts at 8 ohms. It features a GaN FET power amp stage and an LDR pre-amp stage.

Connectivity-wise, the Single Shot amp has two pairs of RCA line-level inputs and two RCA outputs. There’s also USB input with a high-resolution DAC, a headphone output, and MM phono stage support.

Java Carbon
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For wireless connections, the Java Carbon has Bluetooth with aptX support. And like mentioned earlier, it comes with multiple high-end components inside.

Next, there’s the Java Carbon Double Shot integrated amplifier. It has a power output rating of 400 watts at 8 ohms. And like the Single Shot amp, it has a GaN FET power amp stage with an LDR pre-amp stage.

Besides, the Double Shot amp has a fully balanced dual mono topology. It comes with four pairs of XLR line-level inputs with two pairs of XLR outputs. And like its sibling, there’s USB input with high-resolution DAC and MM phono stage.

Java Carbon
Source: Java; Double

Moreover, you have Bluetooth with aptX support for wireless connections. Also, it features a headphone output to meet your audio setup needs.

Regarding the main highlights of the internals, it’s the same as the Carbon Single Shot amp. That means you get IsoAcoustics GAIA IV feet, ETI Research FS-08 silver RCA connectors, and ETI Research Kryo silver speaker posts.

Both the new Java Carbon Single and Double Shot amps are available for purchase. In the UK, they are officially distributed by Audio Emotion.

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