New Ring Stick Up Camera Review in Hand with Battery

New Ring Stick Up Camera with Solar Power Review

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Rings new indoor/outdoor Stick Up Camera delivers DIY security with ease.

DIY Home security is a huge growing trend. The ability to have a wireless security camera that sends you notifications to your phone and allows for 2 way audio, lets you trigger an alarm or simply store a record of activity as video in the cloud is a huge step forward in the last decade of home security.

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After reviewing all the available solar-powered wireless security cameras (see link above) we’ve landed on the New Ring Stick Up Camera in the Amazon Ring range of home security devices.

So, why did we pick it, how does it perform and is it worth it?

Editor’s Pick
High quality build and high quality HD camera imaging with good ongoing app development and affordable monthly cloud storage fees make the Ring Stick Up Camera with Solar a great choice to add to your Home Security.

New Stick Up Camera Unboxing Video

New Ring Stick Up Camera with Solar Full Review

To summarise in advance of all the detail it’s fair to say this new Ring Stick Up Camera with Solar panel works as described, which is to say it works great. The solar charges more than enough, the picture quality is great and the app (with alarm feature) does the business. But there are a couple of things we’d like to see improved in the next model.

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Ring Smartphone App

If you already own a Ring device such as the Ring Doorbell 2, smart bulb or another Ring camera then you will already be familiar with the app. It works very well.

The Stick Up Camera comes with a bonus the Doorbell doesn’t and that is a small alarm feature button. You can click it and the camera will emit a shrieking (not too loud) alarm noise to scare off any would-be burglars.

This is not a feature you want to use if you’re only monitoring your pets of course.

Ring Stick Up Camera screenshot with alarm button showing
Hit the small wobbling exclamation point and it emits a shrieking alarm sound.

Stick Up Camera Set-Up

The set up is very well developed. The set by step audio and visual instructions are easy to go through. You could easily have this ready to put on your lounge bookshelf or in your outdoor space in 5 minutes or less if you are connecting and not needing to mount it.

First, you select the Ring device you are connecting whether it be Doorbell, Security Camera, Chimes, Alarm or the smart lighting bridge. Then you can use your phone’s camera to scan the included QR coded to accelerate set up. From there, its follow the steps. While the audio prompts are probably unnecessary, it adds a nice premium touch to the whole process.

  1. Choose device
  2. Scan QR Code
  3. Choose the location of the camera (e.g your house address)
  4. Choose to use the Stick Up Camera indoors or outdoors
  5. Name it (use a default name or give it a custom name)
  6. Select if it will be Powered or use a Battery
  7. Insert Camera
  8. Wait to enter set up mode – the light will start flashing
  9. Ring needs to join the WiFi Network – allow it?
  10. Camera is connected to xxxxxx network
  11. Congratulations – you’re done.
  12. Please wait while we update your camera software to the latest version

Motion Field Set up

Motion settings are in the camera preferences section. There are a few options in here but the one that I refer to is the motion field set up. This uses zones. There are three zones to choose from. Unlike the Ring Doorbell, it seems you cannot increase the height reach of the camera motion sensor. You can only choose a zone and if it is on or off.

There has been a lot of thought to this so in use it seems this is all you need. If the device was trying to pick up motion through a ceiling, then you’d have to stick it upside down or tilt it up – the likely hood of this being what you need is very unlikely.

Ring Solar Panel

I own a lot of solar devices but few have the solid build and quality feel that the Ring Solar Panel has. It has some weight to it and is very well made.

It as easy to mount, both my temporary set up and permanent.

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The plug fits snug in the back of the camera unit. It is not a micro USB plug – rather a pin plug so don’t think you can shortcut the purchase process by getting a third party solar panel. For under $50 this is a sensible, solid and smart choice.

The cable is long – surprisingly long so you have plenty of options for mounting this away from the camera. e.g your stick up camera might be over the back of the house so you can run the cable and panel to a place that will get Sun.

Stick Up Camera Specs

New Ring Stick Up Camera Specs
Video Quality1080p HD
2 Way Audio (Conversations)Yes
Night VisionYes (Infrared)
Motion NotificationsYes
WiFi Network2.4Ghz – 802.11 b/g/n (No 5Ghz, only the Ring Stick Up Camera Elite has that.)
Camera FOV (Field of View)110° Horizontal / 57° Verticle
Live Video ModeYes. Watch in real-time

HD Video Quality

Video quality is HD and the process speeds for footage are very good. So much fast than even 2 years ago for Ring products. This makes a huge difference.

Infrared night view is sufficient and works best in the nearer field of view. This reaches many meters. I have it on the side of the house and can see to the end of the patio at the other end of the house.

The colours are rich and true to life and the detail is all there.

Ring Stick Up Camera installation (with Solar Panel)

These pictures give you a small insight into my temporary set up. I did it this way to test the camera angle and placement before securely fixing it to the soffit.

If you’re thinking that someone can just come, grab it and take it away, you’re right but Ring has built-in two security screws which fixes it to its base and secures the battery compartment. These screws are included in the box and are easily fitted. While it might not stop someone ripping it from its spot, it will definitely slow someone down who may try, or simply to try tamper with it to disable it i.e you’ll have warning it’ls happening.

I don’t like screwing holes in the outside of houses so I’ll be mounting mine, at least to start, with double-sided outdoor 3m tape.

This installation is a temporary mash together job I’ve done which works fine but I wanted to test it before finally mounting. The wiring looks terrible but I’ll make it pretty in the end.

Linking in other Ring Camera devices

If you have a Ring Doorbell, smart build or another stickup camera it’s very easy in the Camera settings to link events between them. e.g.

If Ring Door Bell 2 detects motion then capture video from Backyard Stick Up Camera.

This is a nice touch and I’m sure over time we will see a lot more of these kinds of integrations between devices.

Third-party integrations

The Ring platform has pretty basic integrations to third party systems like Samsung SmartThings and Abode. It’s a closed system. A good option for making it work with other devices is IFTTT integration or using Alexa Routines.

An example of this is an Alexa Routine I have set up. I have a Philips Hue Smart Bulb outside my Garage. In fact, I have two bulbs set up on either side of the garage which are connected to my Abode security system. Abode makes all its devices available to Alexa. So I have it set like this:

  • If motion is detected at my Stick Up Camera (you can choose which one) then turn on my outside garage light for 2 minutes but only between the hours of 9pm and 6am.

Alexa routines have increasing become more functional with the ability to set times on your routines. The above Camera routine would not work well during the day so setting the times it can trigger, and limiting the time the bulb stays on it perfect for me.

Improvements we’d like to see

If there were any improvements to the camera we’d like to see in future models – colour night vision like the Arlo Pro 3 would be nice. A stronger speaker would also be good if they can cram it into the small housing and still keep it at least IP 68 water-resistant.

The other small annoyance was it’s lack of flexibility regarding how it is mounted. If you are using it upright on a table, stand or similar then no problem. Likewise, if you are using it screwed to a wall it’s ready to go but if you are needing to hang it from the ceiling then you need a special mount which is extra.

This could be solved by allowing the software to reverse the camera view if you slip the camera upsidedown but instead, you can only mount the camera upright, so the special bracket is needed.

Not a big deal but just remember if you are mounting it to the ceiling or want to mount it under a soffit you’ll need the extra bracket.

Custom naming in notifications. At the moment there are a few preset names in the app when you are first setting up a camera. e.g. You can call it ‘Backyard’ and a few others. This means you can have your phone notifications say ‘Motion at your BackYard’. This is cool. You can also give your camera’s custom names like ‘Patio Camera’ but the shortfall is that the notifications can’t say ‘Motion at your Patio Camera’. Instead, it defaults to ‘Motion at your Stick Up Cam’. Not a major but if you buy more than one camera think about this when setting it up. Once you choose a custom name you cannot currently go back to using a default name unless you set up the device from scratch again.

Increasing the field of motion zones to include height would be good.

Review Conclusion

This is a great outdoor (or indoor) security camera. It makes perfect sense if you already have Ring cameras or a Ring doorbell as they can be used in the same app and connected together.

The HD picture quality is very good and the speed of files/clip processing from amazon AWS has gotten faster and faster in recent years.

While there are a few improvements we’d like to see, none of these are really a big deal. For the price, the camera is great value for money, is very well made and we can’t imagine a better home security camera that works so well inside and out.

It’s super simple to set up and use and the support team are responsive.

Whether it’s in your home or outside your home the New Ring Stick Up Camera gets a big thumbs up.

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