NTT Unveils PSZ: Open-Ear Headphones Might No Longer Leak Sounds

NTT Unveils PSZ

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Sound leaks from headphones can definitely annoy the person sitting next to you. And although it might seem like using closed-back headphones will solve the issue, sound can still leak from the cans if the volume is high. 

Well, it looks like this issue can soon be a thing of the past because Japan is developing new tech.

The technology comes from NTT (Nippon Telegraph and Telephone), one of Japan’s telecommunications giants. 

NTT Unveils PSZ
Source: NTT sonority

It had previously announced that the team is working on a headphone-free way for passengers that want to enjoy in-flight entertainment.

However, it looks like they are taking a much deeper dive into the idea. That is, NTT is adapting to focusing on headphones.

The telecommunication giant states that it is working on a super-small speaker enclosure, which is primarily for open-ear headphones.

According to the NTT, this super-small speaker enclosure can make the sound focus on a very small space and limit it from going further. 

NTT Unveils PSZ
Source: NTT sonority

The team further states that it will allow the users to “communicate with people around you without worrying about sound leakage to the surroundings.”

What is this new technology called? NTT named it Personalized Sound Zone (PSZ). The idea is that the headphone speakers will basically counterbalance the normal phase while reverse-phasing the sound waves against each other. 

That will eventually cancel out the sound at a set distance. NTT claims that the tech will allow the users to listen to music at a whopping 80dB, while that is 15 cm away from the user will not be able to hear the sound at all. 

NTT Unveils PSZ
Source: NTT sonority

And the company has also announced that a set of earphones using this new tech will be released by the audio affiliate brand of NTT, Sonority.

The earphones will go by MWE001, which are wired headphones with a weight of just 9 grams and comes with ear hooks. However, the hooks of the MWE001 go over the ear. 

And interestingly, the pair of earphones already received massive crowdfunding success last month. Nonetheless, the MWE001 features an open-ear design, meaning that it will not isolate the user from environmental sounds. 

NTT Unveils PSZ
MWE001; Source: NTT sonority

And the earphones will be exhibited in a research and development showcase that NTT will host. Considering how revolutionary the tech is, it will surely get much coverage.

So, you will be able to learn more about the new tech and the open-ear earphones next week. 

Also, there are no official statements regarding how good the earphones will sound. But the exhibition will most likely shed some light on this matter.

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