Oclean’s Revolutionary X Pro Elite & W1 Now Available at a 10% Discount

Oclean X Pro Elite and W1 Portable Dental Water Flosser

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If you’re concerned about your dental health, you are not alone. Data sourced from World Health Organization suggests that nearly half of the world’s population (roughly 3.5 billion people) struggle with at least one oral disease, such as oro-dental trauma, periodontal disease, dental caries, and edentulism. 

Oclean, an award-winning dental company situated in Shenzhen, China is offering two of its flagship models at a discounted price.

The Oclean X Pro Elite Smart Electric Toothbrush and W1 Portable Dental Water Flosser are now available for a limited time for consumers worldwide to enjoy without breaking the bank.

Oclean: “Better Health, Brighter Smile”

Oclean was founded in 2016 in China to disrupt the dental tech industry. Built on the pillars of innovation, peerless quality service, cooperation, and community, Oclean set out to improve oral health by fostering technological innovation and setting new standards in the world of dental care. 

As the pioneer of innumerable unique designs and patents, Oclean strives to push the boundaries of what consumers can do to improve their oral health and have the bright, shiny smile they deserve. 

With the Oclean W1 and X Pro Elite, the brand is gracing the market with premium quality tooth care products engineered to help people suffering from oral diseases and anyone seeking to improve their dental health. 

Oclean X Pro Elite Bristles
Premium bristles to protect gums and enamel | Oclean

Oclean X Pro Elite: The world’s First Ultra-Quiet Smart Toothbrush

The X Pro Elite is a super interesting toothbrush boasting an array of sophisticated features. From ultra-low-noise performance and revolutionary sonic cleaning technology to fully customizable toothbrushing plans and multi-function wireless charging, X Pro Elite does it all. 

Oclean’s X Pro Elite Smart Electric Toothbrush is available in the company’s official store and can be purchased with a 10% discount by using the code OCLEAN10

Advanced Sonic Cleaning Technology

Oclean’s experts went above and beyond to ensure the new X Pro Elite Smart Electric Toothbrush is capable of catering to all the needs of people with hyper-sensitive gums.

Boasting a whopping 84,000 movements per minute, these brushes are lightning-fast but at the same time gentle. 

X Pro Elite was built to ensure everyone can enjoy a safe, comfortable toothbrushing experience, but its incredible strength is what sets it apart from contemporary alternatives. 


X Pro Elite is the smart toothbrush with the lowest noise in the world. With a 40 dB rating, the sounds Oclean’s X Pro Elite emits can be likened to the “noise” people can hear in a quiet library or the sound of whispers in casual conversations. 

With its unique mute algorithm, X Pro Elite is at the forefront of soundless smart dental care products. Whether you’re sensitive to noise while sleepy or just after waking up or if you are looking for a brush that won’t wake up your housemates, X Pro Elite is the perfect choice for you. 

Oclean X Pro Elite - Ultra Quiet Technology
Quiet brushing experience | Oclean

Personalized Custom Brushing Plan

Some people want to be as thorough as possible while brushing their teeth while others may be in a hurry and can only spare a minute or two. Oclean X Pro Elite is the smart toothbrush with the highest degree of freedom in the world, providing its users with much-needed versatility on the fly. 

No matter the situation, X Pro Elite Smart Electric Toothbrush offers five unique performance modes and 32 selectable strength settings that allow you to approach toothbrushing any way you want. 

Oclean X Pro Elite Screen 1024x947 1
Interactive smart screen
Oclean X Pro Elite Battery Life
Impressive long battery life

A streamlined LCD Screen

Oclean’s X Pro Elite eliminates the guesswork from the equation. It features a brightly-lit LCD display that delivers highly accurate reports instantly. Equipped with advanced pressure sensing and blind spot detection, you will never miss a spot while brushing your teeth again.  

QI Multi-Function Wireless Charging

The wireless charge supplied in the case with your Oclean X Pro is a multi-functional charger that is ideal for busy people and travelers. With it, you can charge both your X Pro Elite Smart Toothbrush and your smartphone. 

Oclean W1: Revolutionary Portable Dental Flosser

Oclean’s W1 is among the world’s best-rounded and strongest dental flossers, offering multiple connectivity options, a host of flossing modes, a superb battery life, and a sleek, compact design. If you’re fast, you can use the promo code OCLEAN10 to receive a 10% discount on this amazing dental water floss product.

Oclean W1 Portable Dental Water Flosser
Compact W1 Portable Dental Water Flosser

Innovative Aerodynamic Technology

Oclean’s W1 provides a steady stream of air bubbles, reaching deeply into the teeth and cleaning even the smallest particles of leftover food while instantly refreshing the user’s breath. 

Powerful Air Pump Rotation

Many people have small dents and cracks between their teeth that normal dental flosses cannot reach. Oclean used its innovative technologies to create a robust pump that could easily remove all dental plaque, hitting all hard-to-reach spots effortlessly. 

Clean, Fresh Breath 24-7

By introducing a higher degree of oxygen into the mix, Oclean W1 Water Flosser offers a much stronger performance with long-lasting effects. If you’re looking for dental floss that will give you fresh breath throughout the entire day, look no further than W1. 

Oclean W1 Portable Dental Water Flosser Aerobic Flushing 1024x922 1
Fresh breath all day long
Oclean W1 - Aerodynamic Technology
Powerful air pump rotation

Unmatched Versatility

Oclean’s W1 is more than just a dental flosser. It is a highly customizable dental care product that features nine intensity settings, enabling you to deeply clean your teeth or simply make your breath fresher in the bat of an eye. 

Compact & Sleek Design

Oclean is famous for creating practical oral care products, and it raised the bar of quality again with the W1 Portable Dental Flosser. Its patented portable design enables the user to bring it anywhere.

W1 Dental Water Flosser can easily fit into any bag or backpack, but it also comes equipped with its own exclusive travel case you will receive free of charge.

Oclean W1 Portable Dental Water Flosser - Modes and Levels
Personalized settings and 9 level of intensities | Oclean

Long-lasting Battery

The brand wanted to create a practical, convenient product that anyone can use anywhere and at any time. W1 Dental Flosser boasts a battery that can last up to 30 full days before running out of juice.

With your purchase, you will also receive a complementary magnetic charger that can be used to revitalize the inbuilt rechargeable battery in record time.

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