Ring Video Doorbell vs Skybell HD – Decisions, decisions.

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When it comes to creating a foolproof home security system, getting a smart bell can easily be considered an investment. However, with more and more manufacturers saturating the market, one can often get confused about which smart bell would be the best. Well, if you can’t figure out whether Ring Video Doorbell or Skybell HD would be a better fit, here is a complete guide about the two.

Editor’s Pick
Ring Video Doorbell 4

The Ring Doorbell 4 adds quick replies and full colour pre-roll vide previews. Its not an astonsihing upgrade from the Ring Doorbell 3 but the extra features and small price difference make it a good choice if this is a new video doorbell for you. If you have the Ring 3 doorbell then there’s no real need to upgrade.

Overview of Similarities

Both smart bells are devices that allow users to receive a video transmission of whoever is on the other side of their door. This eliminates the need for a peephole, which is less effective and provides penetrable security. Both Ring Video and Skybell HD have abilities, such as providing you with HD resolution videos, cloud recording of the video feed, motion detection, and night vision.

In fact, both smart bells have a feature that allows you to communicate with whoever is at your door, even if you are not at home, using their smartphone applications. This means that not only will you be able to talk to those at your door, they will also be able to communicate back, creating a two-way talk system. Here are features within which both smart bells differ from one another.


For the Ring Video Doorbell, the setup process is fairly simple. All you have to do is unpack the doorbell and mount it onto your door. The entire process will be over and done within 10 minutes and does not require any technical assistance of either professionals or tools.

However, when it comes to the Skybell HD, the setup process is a bit complicated. This is because, with Skybell HD, you will have to remove and replace the setup of your current doorbell. Not to mention that within the design of Skybell HD, there is not enough space between the base plate and faceplate, which makes the process of fitting the wires much more difficult.

Also, if you currently have a smart bell with the Skybell HD, you would have to purchase a digital adapter for the doorbell to allow Skybell to work without any issues. So, when it comes to ease of setup, Ring Video Doorbell wins the point.


Both Ring Video Doorbell and Skybell HD have vastly different designs, where the better fit solely depends on your personal choice. While the Ring’s design follows a rectangular shape, Skybell is circular. In addition, the Ring Video Doorbell is available in two different finishes and has a much more contemporary and hi-tech overall look.

Skybell HD is also available in two different colors but has an overall look that is less Hi-Tech and allows it to blend within the overall appearance of your home.

Grey door with apartment number next to it. The Skybell HD doorbell on the wall next to door.

Source of Power

The way each smart bell is powered is also different. The source of power for the Ring Video Doorbell is a rechargeable battery system as well as a wired system. Whereas, for Skybell HD, the power source only includes the wired system, which your current doorbell would also use.

This wiring system as its power source is connected with Skybell HD or Ring Video Doorbell during their installation process. So, when it comes to the source of the power of each smart bell, both smart bells are more or less the same.

This is because of the fact that if you solely depend on the rechargeable batteries of Ring Video Doorbell, it could lead to a possible dent within your home security system if the batteries run out. So, setting up a wired system as the source of power for your smart bell is always the wiser choice, which is available in both.

Field of Vision and Video Resolution

The field of vision refers to how wide the camera lens of the smart bell is, which is quantified using degrees, whereas video resolution refers to the pixels of the video stream. The more pixels there are, the clearer the output will be of your video.

The field of vision for both the Ring Video Doorbell and Skybell HD is 180 degrees. As for video resolution, the Ring Video Doorbell features an HD resolution of 1080p, whereas Skybell HD features an HD resolution of 720p and 1080p. Not to mention that with Skybell HD, you can zoom into the stream by five times. This feature gives Skybell HD a slight edge within this category.

Motion Sensors

While both smart bells feature motion sensors, the way they function is different. For the Ring Video Doorbell, the device works using a 3D motion detection system, which means that once motion is detected, you will not only receive an alert, but the doorbell will also be able to provide data to you on the time and location of the motion detected on your property.

In comparison, the motion sensors in Skybell HD utilize PIR sensors, which are activated after motion is detected, and it goes over a specific threshold. With Skybell HD, once the motion goes over the threshold, you will receive a notification. However, if this notification is not responded to, then the system will stop recording after 35 to 40 seconds.


The last and one of the most important factors to consider when comparing Ring Video Doorbell versus Skybell HD is the pricing plan for each smart bell. The price of Ring Video Doorbell is in the $100 range. However, their pricing plan allows you to pay the cost over a period of 12 months, within which you will not be subjected to any interest or fee for late payments.

You can identify if you qualify here. In comparison, the price of Skybell HD is in the $200 range, which is quite a bit more.

Final Thoughts

After considering the overall features, capabilities, and cost of each smart bell, the verdict points in favor of the Ring Video Doorbell, mainly due to the vast price difference of roughly $120 between the two devices.

When it comes to the Ring Video Doorbell, the user receives better features in most feature categories, and at a much more competitive price.

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