Save 25% on the Sony HTX8500, One of the Best Soundbars of 2022

Sony HTX8500 Deal

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To be honest, there are not many great soundbars in the “budget” price segment. Most of the options with all the latest and greatest sound tech reside in the high-end territory. 

Best Value
Sony HTX8500

Powerful built-in dual subwoofers so you can enjoy deep bass sound with minimal equipment.

But the Sony HTX8500 defied that. It proved that good soundbars do not have to be expensive. And now it’s cheaper than before!

The Sony HTX8500 Soundbar is now 25% off. And it is probably now the best value for the money when it comes to soundbars. You will be getting a lot for the price that you pay.

Sony HTX8500 Deal
Source: Sony

Firstly, it comes with Dolby Atmos/DTS: X integration. Combined with the Vertical Sound Engine, the soundbar will offer a fully immersive sound experience

You can easily dive straight into the movies and shows you will watch with this soundbar. And the case will be pretty much the same for music.

The sound processor inside can upscale all the sound to the 7.1.2 channel. That means even if the media or audio that you are streaming does not support the 7.1.2 config, you can still get an immersive experience with this soundbar.

Sony HTX8500 Deal
Source: Sony

Furthermore, there are seven different sound modes available in the Sony HTX8500. Each of them perfectly enhances the playback and offers you the best overall media-watching experience. 

And thanks to the voice enhancement feature, you can easily capture the dialogue of your favorite movies and TV shows.

Sony has chosen the right design approach for this soundbar. The housing is slim and low-profile, which will eliminate most of the installation hassles. 

Sony HTX8500 Deal
Source: Sony

For how good the outlook is, it will blend perfectly with every setup. On the note of installation, the Sony HTX8500 is 4K HDR passthrough-enabled. 

For that reason, you don’t need to worry about getting a different media handler to get the highest quality content on your TVs. 

The device also has a one-cable HDMI eARC setup process. So, there’s no need to route multiple cables around your TV.

Sony HTX8500 Deal
Source: Sony

Want to pair it up with your AV system? There are optical inputs on the Sony HTX8500. You can even use HDMI for the pairing process. 

Finally, as it comes with a remote controller, you can easily tune the volume, adjust its sound settings, and do more without moving one bit from the couch.

Overall, this deal on the Sony HTX8500 is one of the best deals we have seen after Christmas. And if you were in the market for a good soundbar that will not hurt your wallet, you should not let it go out of stock!

Sony HTX8500 2.1ch Dolby Atmos/DTS:X Soundbar with Built-in subwoofer, Black
Sony HTX8500

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