Score This 19% Deal on the Sony SRS-XP700

Sony SRS-XP700

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The Sony SRS-XP700 doesn’t need an introduction. It’s Sony’s answer to those seeking a powerful party speaker with party-ready features.

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Sony SRS-XP700

With the Sony SRS-XP700 X-Series speaker, you can make the most of every single moment, power parties you’ll remember forever, and always live your life out loud.

Sony knows that parties are all about creating an atmosphere. That’s why the SRS-XP700 comes with a party-ready driver setup that can fill any crowded venue with your favorite beats.

In addition, the speaker flaunts several sound and aesthetic features that can make any party a fun party to be in. And the great part is that you don’t need to pay the regular price tag to get the SRS-XP700.

Sony SRS-XP700
Source: Sony

Of course, that remains true only if you grab this limited-time deal. It lets you save 19% on the party speaker, which may not seem like a lot. But this discount indeed enhances the overall value of the Sony SRS-XP700.

Are you curious to learn about the party speaker in detail? As hinted earlier, the biggest highlight of the SRS-XP700 is its sound. While most speakers have regular driver units, Sony has utilized X-balanced units.

This innovative speaker unit has a non-circular diaphragm. But the shape isn’t just there for the aesthetics. In addition to looking apart, the unique speaker unit has more area than traditional speakers.

Sony SRS-XP700
Source: Sony

More surface area results in richer, more detailed, and, most importantly, crisp sound output. More importantly, the increased area of the driver unit makes the SRS-XP700 deliver punchy and deeper bass.

The vocal clarity of the sound output also sees an improvement on the Sony X-balanced speaker units. Also, the speaker units significantly reduce the excursion while maintaining the same sound pressure.

That results in better vocal clarity with extremely low distortion. Nonetheless, in addition to the X-balanced speaker units, the Sony SRS-XP700 features a high-efficiency tweeter on the front and rear.

Sony SRS-XP700
Source: Sony

These tweeters enhance the sound profile of the SRS-XP700 and make the audio sound more expansive. Thanks to that, regardless of the environment you set the wireless speaker up in, you’ll be sure to enjoy a high-quality and crisp listening experience.

Want more bass? The Sony SRS-XP700 features MEGA BASS, which lets you instantaneously dial up the bass level of the sound output.

Also, the speaker has LIVE SOUND, allowing you to recreate the unique atmosphere of live music concerts. Aside from the great sound delivery, the Sony SRS-XP700 has party lights to set up the mood.

Sony SRS-XP700
Source: Sony

This ambient lighting feature lets you choose from various lighting patterns, which means you can create an energy-filled or soothing party environment in seconds.

Moreover, the Sony SRS-XP700 features a solid construction. Sony has designed it to be durable and highly portable. It has an IPX4 rating and a comfortable handle to let you carry it anywhere and everywhere.

Sony SRS-XP700 X-Series Wireless Portable-BLUETOOTH-Karaoke Party-Speaker IPX4 Splash-resistant with 25 Hour-Battery,Black
Sony SRS-XP700

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