SwitchBot Introduces Flexibility to Smart Homes, Announcing Matter-Compliant Smart Hub 2

SwitchBot Smart Hub 2

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Automated, streamlined, and flexible are some of the main qualities that define a truly “smart” home. To ensure homeowners across the globe have the tools required to use and connect their smart devices in perfect synergy, SwitchBot is introducing its new Hub 2 set to launch in February 2023.

SwitchBot is the premier American technology company that has been reshaping the landscape of the smart home space since 2016.

This brand envisions a world where tech & smart home fans and enthusiasts don’t need to go through the hassle of doing everyday tasks manually. Furthermore, SwitchBot was founded to give people an easy way to upgrade their existing smart devices and make them work in harmony.

The Matter Protocol and Why Is It Important to SwitchBot

Widely regarded as the “new standard in the smart home industry”, the Matter protocol, formerly titled Project Connected Home over IP (CHIP), is a protocol launched and created by CSA (Connectivity Standards Alliance). It is an open-source protocol designed to leave room for future improvements.

Smart Hub 2 with Matter support
Connect Hub 2 to your smart home ecosystem to implement Matter | SwitchBot

It was engineered on the premise that “smart” devices need to be compliant with leading smart home services and products, including Apple’s Siri, the voice assistant Alexa, or Google’s Assistant.

The purpose of the Matter open-source protocol is to eliminate the guesswork and the hassle of choosing from a vast array of smart brands and products and to simply buy whichever product (or subscribe to whichever service) the consumer wants, knowing that it will work with any other smart device already present in their homes.

SwitchBot’s main goal was always to create products and smart home solutions that would boost safety, productivity, and ease of access to smart technologies for its customers. The new SwitchBot Hub 2 will, according to SwithBot’s spokesperson will be compliant with the Matter protocol, and it will not require a separate “Matter” app to work.

SwitchBot Hub 2 – Sophisticated Smart Hub now Perfected and Polished to a Shine

SwitchBot already boasts a comprehensive line of Bluetooth-enabled products, including the SwitchBot Lock, SwitchBot Bot, and SwitchBot Curtain. The soon-to-be-released SwithBot Hub 2 will enable the company’s customers to seamlessly connect their smart devices via Matter Over Wi-Fi with the SwithBot Hub 2.

As opposed to contemporary smart hubs that are struggling to tackle the ever-growing challenges related to compatibility, SwitchBot’s new Smart Hub 2 will allow the owners of SwitchBot products to effortlessly use and integrate an expanded array of modern devices and technologies.

First SwitchBot Hub Equipped with a Thermo-Hygrometer

As the latest Matter-compliant Wi-Fi-enabled hub, the Hub 2 will bring a variety of innovations to the table, one of which is the freshly introduced Thermo-Hygrometer. This feature enables you to monitor and change the home’s temperature directly from your smartphone, eliminating the need to perform manual tasks that would achieve similar results.

This brand-new feature of the SwitchBot Hub 2 will also work with all Bluetooth-enabled products that are compatible with Matter that support the function.

SwitchBot Smart Hub 2-Matter
SwitchBot Curtain will be the first to obtain the Matter certification in March | SwitchBot

The Most Versatile Smart Hub on the Contemporary Market

SwitchBot was founded with a mission to streamline the way consumers perceive, use, and integrate tech products into their smart homes. The launch of the new Matter Hub 2 will bring the brand closer to its goal, as it has designed one of the best-rounded smart hubs to date.

Dubbed the “ultimate 4-in-1 hub”, the SwitchBot Hub 2 will serve numerous core functions that all tech connoisseurs look for in a smart hub.

It will work as a Matter hub designed to be compliant with all SwitchBot Bluetooth-enabled products, seamlessly connecting any number of such devices and bringing them to a single, easily accessible platform.

With the new Thermo-Hygrometer feature, the Hub 2 rocks onboard temperature & humidity indicators that can be accessed via the large LED display. To make the lives of SwitchBot customers even simpler, the brand installed an inbuilt light sensor and configurable brightness settings into the display.

The SwitchBot app features multiple scenes that users can effortlessly use, and as soon as the Hub 2 comes to the market, it will be equipped with two Scene Keys on its front panel that can be used to access preset scenes. Additionally, these keys can be used to activate and manage other products from the SwitchBot ecosystem (SwitchBot Bot, Curtain, Curtain 2, etc.).

Finally, the new SwitchBot Smart Hub 2 will cast a tall shadow over the SwitchBot Hub Mini, rocking a dramatically enhanced 1R Control Function and boasting 100% larger coverage in comparison to its older sibling.

Smart Hub 2 - Matter
You can now add SwitchBot products to any ecosystem you use | SwitchBot

New Functionalities & SwitchBot Products, Familiar App

Aside from the new SwitchBot Matter-compliant Hub 2, the company is also releasing new products to the market. One of the latest additions to the eclectic SwitchBot catalog is the SwitchBot Curtain 2.

Boasting a sophisticated and freshly upgraded DynamiClamp™ design, this Smart Curtain came to tech stores across the globe in May 2022. SwitchBot users won’t have to worry about finding new apps and gadgets to make room for this revolutionary smart device, as it is fully compatible with the old SwitchBot app and will be fully Matter-compatible as soon as Hub 2 comes in February this year.

The Curtain 2 enables users to seamlessly set schedules to open or close their curtains, fully automating an otherwise time-consuming chore. Additionally, the new SwitchBot Curtain model is voice assistant-enabled and allows its users to access its primary functions with vocal commands.

SwitchBot Attended the Consumer Electronics Show, Showcasing its New Matter Hub 2

The CES 2022 was held between the fifth and seventh of January 2022. The SwitchBot’s spokesperson imparted that the brand and its team were extremely excited and grateful for the opportunity to demonstrate the versatility and usefulness of its new smart hub flagship, the SwitchBot Hub 2.

SwitchBot occupied Booth number 53635 at the Venetian Expo Halls A-D, and innumerable tech fans and enthusiasts flocked to the scene to observe the Hub 2 Demo.

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