Thorens New Reference Turntable Takes Isolation to the Next Level

Thorens New Reference

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Vibrations can severely degrade the sound experience with turntables, and the Thorens New Reference turntable aims to mitigate exactly that. 

But isn’t that what all the turntables aim to lower? Well, the case with the brand-new turntable from Thorens is a little different.

The thing is an ideal solution for vibrations, whether it is from the room or the from other electronic equipment, is something record player manufacturers have strived to find in the past.

Thorens New Reference
Source: Thorens; TD 124 DD

While many high-end brands have succeeded in their implementation, Thorens has made a big leap with the New Reference turntable.

According to the brand, the Thorens New Reference turntable is the first unit that has been “designed and optimized from scratch together with a fully active vibration isolation system.”

To deliver that, Thorens partnered with Seismion, a German active vibration isolator manufacturer. The German brand explains that the active system is based on an all-linear electronic control circuit and high-sensitivity piezoelectric accelerator sensors.

Thorens New Reference
Source: Thorens; TD 1601

Additionally, an active control system acts like a classic feedback control in the system. The system’s sensors precisely monitor the amplitudes of the isolated platform, which gets converted into actuation forces. 

These forces drive the contactless voice coil actuators. But how good are the results? According to the brand, the Thorens New Reference turntable can isolate vibrations that are below the 1Hz range

And it can reportedly reduce them to less than 1% at frequencies of 10Hz and above. The tests from the brand assure that the system is 17x more effective than the alternative air spring method.

Thorens New Reference
Source: Thorens; TD 1600

Thoren says that the system efficiently isolates even the very small vibrations in the range of a picometer. In other words, the music-listening experience with the Thorens New Reference turntable will surely be something you can boast about.

Besides the new system, there are many other things that will enhance the HiFi experience with the Thorens New Reference turntable. 

For example, it has a belt-drive system that will assure no-compromise sound. According to Thorens, the turntable features a belt-drive design because the direct drive system does not allow isolating the platter from the drive motor.

Thorens New Reference
Source: Thorens; TD 1500

That eventually allows the Thorens New Reference turntable to eliminate the chances of motor fluctuations. Secondly, the belt-drive system can overcome rotation speed errors. 

To be exact, Thorens say that the system will stay within the range of 33.3332 to 33.3334 rotations per minute.

You can also equip the Thorens New Reference turntable with up to three tonearm bases. And it has support for 9, 10, and 12-inch bases. 

That said, Thorens is about to showcase its brand-new creation at the High-End Munich 2023 show next week. So, if you are there, make sure to check the turntable out.

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