Turtle Beach Stealth Pro Might Just Be the Best Gaming Headphone of 2023

Turtle Beach Stealth Pro

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Hunting for a pair of headsets that offers unparalleled noise-canceling performance with superior sound delivery? The Turtle Beach Stealth Pro is calling your name! 

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Turtle Beach Stealth Pro

Lock-in on the game or accentuate ambient sounds for nearly full noise transparency with the most versatile gaming headset Turtle Beach Stealth Pro.

The headset is a perfect example of what precision engineering and innovation can bring to the table. It excels in pretty much every factor, not just in terms of noise canceling and sound delivery. 

After all, Turtle Beach has been working on it for two full years. And all the time it has put into the headset has shaped the headphone to be a true competitor against the best gaming headphones out there.

Turtle Beach Stealth Pro
Source: Turtle Beach

The first highlight of the Turtle Beach Stealth Pro is its large-sized drivers. Turtle Beach has hand selected 50mm Nanoclear drivers that are bigger and stiffer than its rivals.

Thanks to such a large driver size, the headphone can offer much more accurate sound that perfectly delivers low-end thump without losing clarity. 

And for competitive games, distortion-free and precise sound can be a make-or-break factor for winning matches.

Turtle Beach Stealth Pro
Source: Turtle Beach

Moreover, the drivers of the Turtle Beach Stealth Pro are hand matched. Therefore, each will complement the other and ensure a much better sound experience. 

There’s a custom audio tuning feature too. That enhances the overall effect of positional audio and spatial sound.

So, when you pair it up with PlayStation 3D, Dolby Atmos, or Windows Sonic audio, you will be getting a much better experience than the rivals. 

Turtle Beach Stealth Pro
Source: Turtle Beach

And the same thing is true for the Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) feature. The Turtle Beach Stealth Pro can cancel up to 25dB of noise. 

That makes the headset the most versatile ANC gaming headset out there. Most importantly, all the customizable settings are saved within the headset. 

Therefore, you will not need to do manual tuning with the Turtle Beach Audio Hub app on every device. Talking of which, the Turtle Beach Stealth Pro works with pretty much all gaming stations. 

Turtle Beach Stealth Pro
Source: Turtle Beach

That includes Xbox, Switch, Steam Deck, and PC. And as it has a Bluetooth interface, you can easily connect it to your mobile devices.

On that note, you can game on the wireless mode for a prolonged time. The swappable battery packs can offer up to 12 hours of run time. And it just takes 15 minutes of charging to get up to 3 hours of playtime.

Turtle Beach Stealth Pro did not even skimp on the microphones. It comes with a TrueSpeak boom mic that will feed your voice through with the highest clarity. 

There’s a Sonic Measurement Audio Reduction Tuning tech that monitors background noise and screens them out.

Turtle Beach Stealth Pro Multiplatform Wireless Noise-Cancelling Gaming Headset for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, PC, Mac, Switch, & Mobile – 50mm Speakers, Bluetooth, Dual Batteries – Black
Turtle Beach Stealth Pro

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