Why Are Hi-Fi Turntables Becoming Popular?

Why Are HiFi Turntables Becoming Popular

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Whether it’s the sentimental vibes from the acoustic guitar in Led Zeppelin’s “Traveling Riverside Blues” or Miles Davis’ deep, soulful “Kind of Blue” jazz album – some music sounds like it was made for vinyl. For years, I’ve reviewed hundreds of HiFi multimedia sound systems, most of which are dedicated to digital playback.

However, I prefer the warmer, richer sound of vinyl, especially when listening to rock, funk, pop, or jazz. That’s one of the two reasons I’m a huge fan of Hi-Fi turntables. For one, they look visually stunning and intriguing.

More importantly, they bring out the rawness of records, making them more authentic and distinct. I, for one, thoroughly enjoy the surface crackles, snaps, and mild, soft distortions during playback.

For a while, I thought I was among the few who enjoyed this classic high-fidelity playback system. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Hi-Fi turntables are trending among casual music lovers and audiophiles.

So, I sat down and did some digging on my own regarding why more people are choosing vinyl record players as their primary source for their HiFi speakers and equipment.

In this post, I’ll share five reasons that best explain this change or growing movement. Of course, these are my views, and others can have their perspective. I won’t deny I am a vinyl defender. However, I will remain as objective as I can.

So, here goes…

Oh, and you’ll want to ensure you have a decent HiFi amp with phono stage with to match.

5 Reasons HiFi Turntables are Trending Among Music Lovers and Audiophiles

1. Nostalgia

The popularity of HiFi turntables in the last couple of years has been driven mostly by nostalgia and pandemic angst, especially among baby boomers and millennials. For many music lovers and audiophiles, retro entertainment became an escape from the lockdowns and isolations.

As a result, HiFi turntables and vinyl records scratched a societal itch modern equipment and digital media couldn’t. According to Cepro and other sources, sales boomed by 27% worldwide, and the analog music industry is set to grow by half a billion dollars in 2025.

2. Mystique

As a kid, one of my favorite things to do was browsing through music sections at a record store.

I’ve lived through the era of vinyl phonographs, cassettes, CDs, HiFi tube amplifiers, boomboxes, and walkmans.

Walking through these stores offers a feel of its own.

It’s like taking a trip down music history lane with colorful albums, posters, memorabilia, and unique collectibles.

So, another reason I believe HiFi turntables are becoming popular is due to the mystique and hype surrounding vinyl records.

Casual listeners, audiophiles, and musicians all want a better hunting experience than browsing through streaming services on the internet.

Front corner of an old Vinyl Record Player
Image: Jumpstory

3. Physicality

Today, you can find millions of songs and albums on iTunes and streaming services like Amazon Music, Spotify, and Tidal. If you’re an aspiring audiophile, I highly recommend Qobuz due to its higher audio quality.

Believe me. It’s awesome to have so many options at your fingertips. However, at the end of the day, these songs are merely files you either access online or download on your phone or computer.

In other words, there’s no tangible object that you can use to form a connection with the music. Sure, you can go for CDs. But they don’t offer the bold, exquisite album art found on vinyl record sleeves.

For many audiophiles, opting for a HiFi turntable empowers them to start a vinyl record collection, especially limited releases or albums with slick pellets and cover designs.

Today, you can find thousands of classic vinyl albums available at affordable prices. For many audiophiles, it’s like owning a Bluray copy of their favorite movie, even though they can find digital-only versions available online.

4. Better Equipment and Sound Quality

As a serious audiophile, I’ve invested in many HiFI systems to get the most authentic sound possible. I’ve often spared no expense, having made purchases like HiFi speakers, valve amplifiers, and interconnect cables.

Over the years, I’ve tested several record players to diversify my physical collection. However, the day I tested my first turntable almost ruined record players for me.

Don’t get me wrong. Spending a few hundred bucks on high-quality record players is worth it. However, HiFi turntables are far more sophisticated and complex in terms of design, build quality and technology.

A typical setup offers higher tolerances and seamless calibration.

As for the sound quality, the playback is quieter, deeper, and more precise compared to CD and record players. In retrospect, we can safely say that CDs became popular in their hay days because they were convenient and portable, and that’s it.

Otherwise, the vinyl experience is unparalleled.

5. Intimacy

Finally, listening to music on a turntable offers more intimacy than listening to music via digital playback.

For starters, operating a turntable requires cleaning the record, physically walking over to the turntable, and putting it onto the platter. Moreover, you have to stay in proximity to flip it over when the time comes.

This might sound inconvenient or laborious to casual listeners. However, these steps allow listeners like me to slow down and feel more connected to the music that’s being played.

7" Vinyl Records in a group
Image: Jumpstory

Final Thoughts

I consider myself lucky because I listened to vinyl records growing up. Of course, I didn’t have the best turntable back, I admit. However, I can safely say that I didn’t lose myself to the CD and digital revolution over the years.

Now that I do this for a living, I’ve built up a solid collection of my own comprising some of the best artists and songs from different eras. I love playing it on my Hi-Fi turntable.

I particularly enjoy revisiting classic albums by artists like Led Zeppelin, the Eagles, the Beetles, Frank Sinatra, Bob Marley, Bee Gees, Deep Purple, and Pink Floyd.

If you haven’t listened to it before go listen to Deep Purple’s ‘Child in Time‘. What a tune, what a tune. Ian Gillan looks little like Stephen Fry in the video, or visa versa.

This music sounds much better on vinyl Hi-Fi.

What are you’re thoughts? Comment below.

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