Wilson Audio Brings Smallest Subwoofer for Smart Audiophiles

Wilson Audio

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At the core of every Wilson Music product design that was built with the express purpose of elevating the audio playback experience in your home. This formalized North Star method is precisely what inspired Wilson Audio’s creator, David A. Wilson, to establish the now-legendary WATT almost four decades ago.

Dave designed the top module for the famous WATT/Puppy combination and laid the groundwork for the design process that is now codified in Wilson Audio‘s Application Engineering ethos. This energized the development of many of our industry-leading loudspeaker systems and accessories.

When Wilson Audio started designing the modern-day successor to the acclaimed Tiny Tot, it was evident from the start that TuneTot would share the Tiny Tot’s L.F. extension profile. It’s because of the enclosure’s restricted internal volume and would eventually be accompanied by a dedicated subwoofer system

Wilson Audio

This tiny subwoofer has to match TuneTot’s application characteristics, taking into account TuneTot’s intended use in household contexts. The W.A.S.A.E. team was not content with just miniaturizing their basic technologies; they wanted to create a loudspeaker capable of exhibiting timbral beauty, dynamic subtlety, soundstage resolution, and transparency in circumstances that are typically unfriendly to all of these characteristics.

Today, TuneTot serves as the foundation for several systems installed worldwide in locations that are not generally favorable to such extraordinary qualities: workplaces, study, and bedrooms, for example.

Thus, Wilson Audio’s most compact and most miniature subwoofer system, L.K., is an obvious extension of the TuneTot ecosystem. Not only does Lk provide complete compatibility with all TuneTot setups, but it also significantly enhances the essential capabilities of our other smaller floor-standing loudspeaker models: SabrinaX, Yvette, Sasha D.A.W., and their predecessors.

The W.A.S.A.E. team accomplished the aim of designing the ideal partner to TuneTot and created a subwoofer system that is organically built to improve and supplement all of our floor standing loudspeaker models save the biggest.

Numerous subwoofer solutions on the market neglect to fully develop the enclosure as a component of their possible performance envelope. Unfortunately, this results in the coloring of the enclosure, which adds unnecessary low-frequency bloating. W.A.S.A.E. engineers chose Wilson Audio’s very damped X-Material for the exterior enclosure as the development of Lk progressed. The interior bracing support structure is a clever blend of X-Material and HDF, giving a sturdy foundation for the woofer connection.

Wilson Audio

Following the exquisite architectural and acoustic characteristics of the TuneTot, Lk enables easy installation and exceptional performance while leaving a very tiny footprint. The W.A.S.A.E. team used data points from our bigger subwoofer systems, including the Wilson Audio Subsonic, Thor’s Hammer®, and W.A.T.C.H. Dog.

While passive and big volume subwoofer systems provide the greatest degree of versatility and amplification selection, L.K. is an all-in-one, simple-to-install, and maintain subwoofer solution. The most frequently used capabilities from Wilson Audio’s famous ActivXO Dual Subwoofer Crossover are integrated into L.K.’s built-in amp, including crossover frequency, slope, phase, and level. Finally, established and revised sophisticated technology were employed to produce a unique integrated port suitable for Wilson’s demanding L.F. application.

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