Xencelabs Pen Tablet Small + Quick Keys Unboxing [VIDEO]

Xencelabs Pen Tablet + Quick Keys Deal

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This is a really well made and packaged Pen Tablet and Quick tasking hardware set for amazing value.

This has a permanent space on my desk and can’t recommend it more. Xencelabs sent this to me for my opinion only.

Video Transcription

We get our robot to do this with Google’s help so it might be a little rough…or even terrible. Better to watch the video above.

Hi sports fans.

I don’t normally do unboxings because you guys, it’s just it’s not that interesting to me.

But when a Xencelabs sent me the quick keys and their small pen tablet just already I was so impressed with the packaging, I thought, hey, this might be worth doing an unboxing before we talk about how it performs after I’ve tested it for a little while, so.

Let’s open it up first. I’m going to start with the quick keys.

So if you’re not familiar with the quick keys, it’s really a programmable device that allows you to preprogram keys in multiple different formats, up to 40 different key combinations once you’ve done all the sets.

So there’s eight keys on it, and it’s got to turn dial.

So if you’re into photo editing, if you’re into design.

If you’re into video editing, you can preprogram all those really quick keys that you do. So I use Photoshop. I use sketch, I use Davinci resolve.

I use a whole bunch of things. That’s nice yeah nice and true dunker. Thank you, Missy. Comes home with a but I got the cause. I musta yeah, all on there. So actually this is it’s just really nice. The packaging is really nice. So I definitely thought it’d be worth us having a look at this together.

The weight on this feels good already and what I love. Oh wow, that’s beautiful. Yeah, it’s a nice kind of semi rubber back on that, which means it gives a better grip on the table, which I love. Turn dial here so there’s no click in that turn dial. It’s just moving smoothly.

Oh, sorry, I’m not showing you yet.

And then down the side here you’ve got all push buttons. Now the other cool thing, it does have also a lock port mechanism for you know those locks you get that secure your devices. Two things, little power button at the bottom. I won’t go into the usage yet because I need to get used to it myself, but that is. That’s really nice. Now the cool thing that I noticed on the box that this also comes with is it comes with I’m just gonna wear off.

It comes with the quick keys, it comes with a travel case, comes with a USB, comes with a USB A to C adapter, and it comes with a wireless, probably a 2 4 gigahertz.

I’m guessing wireless adapter. I mean that is just lovely. It’s like. I’ve travelled on a lot of planes. I’ve done a lot of fortunately had a lot of upgrades. It’s kind of got that premium business class feel, except it’s even nicer than that. It’s really nice actually Xencelabs on the front there.

As you can see, it’s a really nice list yep i’m fanboying already and I haven’t even liked played with the flipping thing.

So there’s the case, the X, sorry the sense, quick keys tucks on the inside of this. I’m guessing except to go out this way because that’s the way it’s been formulated. I can feel. Inside there, there’s the little RF adapter, so the little RF adapter goes in a little mini pocket in there.

Keys I’m guessing would go in there. And you’ve got your charging cable here, which is USBC. So that would just tuck out of there. What else we got, that’s it.

But that’s cool because then you can just like get on the road. Tackle that away. I did have it right the first time. It’s an unboxing people. I haven’t been here before either. There you go, select Tucson here. And as an artist on the go or if I’m editing on the move or done, alright, so that is the quick key. So now what we’re going to look at is the perfect companion and a lot of, you know.

I’ve been a Wacom user for years. ‘Waycom’, Wacom. Which side of the tracks did you grow up on?

This is the Xencelabs pen tablet small now I use pen tablets for a slightly different than most people. I’m not a crafty artist, although do you use Photoshop and a lot of drawing programs?

I do use it a lot for video editing.

I actually use it a lot as an additional mouse. I can move around the screen just with clicking on this end on the mouse and this hand moving it around. Now does it help to be left handed? Yes it does. But I tell you what it cuts down a lot on RSI. So this thing again packaging is so well done. All the stuff’s on the back. Now the reason that this stood out to me way more than because I am due to get another tablet which is. Which is why I have this is that it comes with the small tablet, which is a 16 by 9 ratio.

You get 2 pens. One has multiple buttons, ones are slightly thinner one. So for Ursus out there right up your alley, it comes with a travel case, extra nibs, a little ring tip thing that detaches the nibs from the pin.

You’ve got a drawing hand sleeve that just goes over it, you know, a couple of fingers that you know, like a real artisan.

We’ve got the USB A to see adapter, check that out and the RF adapter, the USB cable and a case. So many good things, so let’s find them in this box. Honestly, this is one of the best unboxing I’ve done for a long time. I’ve just gotta figure out how to really go OK, it’s got such a premium feel to it now.

The cookies retails for about 99 There is a deal on at the moment, which I’ll include in the links below and also on the full review on the website opens like a suitcase. So there is a deal on these as a bundle, the small and large same card again. Tell me, dad. Because I must start.

Quick keys, which is I think giving you a bit of a pitch on the quick keys, which as I said, we’ve already checked out. I’m guessing this is going to be a pen and nibs.

In stickers because, you know, stickers make the world go around. Yeah, nice. So Xencelabs. Stickers and a manual, which I’m guessing I should probably read otherwise I will give a half review and that’s not good for anyone. But you know, I literally use a tablet every day both at home and in the office. And the reason that I need to upgrade at home is that my tablet is a bit stuffed. I’m not. I don’t start. That’s an older Wacom and I just. I don’t love it. Oh, that’s got a nice weight and feel to it, which is quite exciting.

Alright, here we go missing smooth hey look, you saw that before I did nice three buttons. Ooh, that’s really smooth. It’s probably it feels a little less. Little less friction and then maybe the. Welcome, tablet. I’ve got it work i don’t know. I say Wake home or work on. Now you’ve all got me feeling insecure about the whole thing. Ooh, this is way too actually would have gotten here. This is in the middle. I had the top camera going but it went flat awesome made so professional. It’s like I haven’t done this before. Actually my son stole it. P

hotography and you know, can’t can’t deny your children the creative side. Getting get it. It’s worth the wait honest don’t switch.

Don’t change. Stay with me. Ah, OK. Ah, I’ll let you see this first two. What’s in here? I’m guessing it’s gonna be 2 pins and some carrying devices and maybe even. An RF adapter and another USB adapter bingo.

Gosh, I feel like I’m unboxing, like a really expensive watch or something.

I think what I’ll do is I’ll just do the unboxing video and then I’ll do a review of using it because I’ve been going on for a little while now. But it’s really there’s the little ring that you pull out to get to your. Nibs, so just like. Pulls it out like that, which is pretty way cooler than my remarkable tablet as well, actually.

Which I also use on the daily pens. Got a nice feel to it. Nice grip. It’s felty but it’s not rubbery so it’s not like it. Stick, stick, stick.

It’s got a nice pen feel but there’s just enough grip there just to hold onto it. And on this hand this is a much chunkier. So artisans out there are artists out there.

You will love this. Now already I like that more. There’s a nice that’s just free button pin. I’ll have to do the HD photos on the website as well when I do the review so you can check out these check out the link. Go for the HD photos, but this has three buttons.

And what I love about this, which is different to the other brands tablet that I’m using, is that is positioned nicely for that finger to press. I don’t have to go back to these two necessarily, although that’s easy enough. I can just do it there. I really like that. I’m guessing that’s a dedicated erazor.

Nice. Man, I think this is fantastic. I’m going on holiday. Go back to North America, to Canada sorry at the end of the year, I will.

This is the kind of thing that’s just so nice that I would take it with me to make work on the road just that much easier in here.

Who knows? Yeah, we’re still going in there boxing i know because it’s just there’s not that many nice things left in the world. Ok, there’s your drawing sleeve. So I get that out. And I’m guessing this is going to be a few right handers. Maybe it’s ambidextrous Ness. So I try it.

No, it’s not going to work oh. Ok, I’ll work on that, but it’s a nice. Now I’m guessing that also just creates a nice smooth slide across the tablet surface so that you’re not going to get any fatigue working all day. As you know, sometimes you can get just a little bit rate if you’re working long days and your hands are rubbing over the tablet the whole time. So yeah, I think that’s really nice actually, and I don’t see why it wouldn’t. I think I’ve never done this before. Ah, right. Yeah, yeah. That’s nice. Far out. I get excited about a lot of toys these days, but this is great fun. And there’s the cable. Which is yet USBC. But wait, there’s more.

I hope you’re seeing all of this. Otherwise it’s a OK, so this is gonna be the case. Yeah, this is gonna be the case. Xencelabs Tre bon, you have outdone yourselves.

Guys really have seen about. This is number four, so this will be recyclable in a lot of places actually. So don’t just throw it in the bin, look for your recycling options. And this just tops it off. I mean, I would get this out at the airport lounge just so people would go why?

That’s pretty cool isn’t it? Isn’t it pretty cool because I care so much about what people think lovely it’s kind of like a satchel. It’s finally, but it’s got to feel like it’s not gonna just attract dirt. You know, there’s some of those cases you throw in your backpack when you’re going somewhere and they come out and you just fall back because they just suck up all of the dust and dirt in your backpack. Yeah, you have dirty backpacks too. So I’m gonna, I’m gonna figure this out later. But yeah, I mean, that would go in there, and I’m sure this would kind of. John here. And this could know that’s the quick keys that’s got its own case to get out of there.

This would slot in there nicely note on this side OK alright maybe it goes down here, everything I don’t know that is the Xencelabs quick keys and tablet pen tablet small which is the exact size. I like it. You know I don’t do medium because it’s too large for me especially when I’m just using it for a lot of fine motor stuff.

Unboxing 10 out of 10, absolutely loved it. The number 4, plastic recycling, the external recycling, the Everything that’s included in it to make this feel like a whole package like whoever is behind Xencelabs. And I have an idea of a couple of you just because I might have talked to on LinkedIn and stuff you have experience in this and I think what you’ve done has said what do our customers want and what kind of unboxing would make them go, yeah.

Ok, that was value for money. 100 bucks for the quick keys, a couple hundred bucks for the small tablet.

As I say, there’s a deal on at the moment, which he’ll put in the links below and on the full review, but I’m going to leave that there. I’ll do another follow up. So keep an eye on the channel, subscribe and like and all that, because I’ll add in the full review of actual de use and also links to the HD photos once I’ve done those. Thanks for watching. I hope that was as much fun for you as it was for me because you’re probably gonna want one now, aren’t you? Take care, stay safe and we’ll talk soon. Bye for now.

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