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Looking for the best Z-Wave Light Switch? We’ve got real data on the current bestsellers

Best Z-Wave Light Switch

A Z-Wave light switch connected to a Z-Wave Hub gives you fast and local on/off speeds while also offering some security with offline processing capabilities.

Interestingly there are very few Z-Wave light bulb devices but there is quite a range of Z-Wave light switches. I say interestingly as it takes more effort, and sometimes cost to fit a light switch than it does to change a bulb but with most of these units, they can still be used manually which make it easier for the non-technical people in the house to adjust to.

Regardless, there are a few great reasons why you might go for Z-Wave light switches when building, renovating or upgrading your home. With a few quick tweaks to wiring (check with local regulations as to whether an electrician is required to legally install these switches) you can automate all the light switches in your house.

Z-Wave light switch vs Z-Wave light bulb

One of the big trends in house renovations and builds is the increased use of low power LED lights. These LED lights are most often flush-mounted in the ceiling and offer a low-to-no-heat output. They also don’t technically allow you to swap them out easily – that is you don’t just unscrew them and change the bulb.

In the old days, all the lights in a ceiling would be standard screw or bayonet bulbs which would make them easy to swap out for a Z-Wave smart light bulb. This isn’t the case.

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So with the rise of LED lights, and their ability to last for years and years, there is a need to control them using a Z-Wave light switch as the main on/off mechanism.

Z-Wave smart light bulbs make a lot of sense for use in lamps, bedside lamps or similar as they do allow you to swap out old bulbs for new Z-wave ones.

Z-Wave Light Switch vs Z-Wave switch controller

The current bestsellers on the list do things the same except for one, that is the Aeotec Wallmote. The rest are:

  • are designed to replace existing switches or be used instead of traditional light switches.
  • offer the best of both worlds i.e they can be turned on and off manually or you can control with your voice (Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant) or mobile device to turn on and off.
  • can work with any bulb
  • require a Z-Wave hub
  • require a neutral wire
  • support 3-way installation

The odd one out here is the Aeotec Wallmote light switch which is both wonderfully versatile and well made with a nice glass front, haptic feedback motor and little blue light which lets you know you’ve hit a button. It is also portable.

Anyway – we’ve got a review video, article and demonstration of the Aeotec Wallmote coming soon so more on that then.

You will need a Z-Wave Hub for these light switches

It may seem obvious to a bunch of you that you need a Z-Wave hub to connect to and operate these Z-Wave light switches.

These will not connect directly to a Google Home or echo Plus device. If you don’t have a Z-Wave hub then read our Best Z-Wave Hubs for your Smart Home list and choose one of those and then come back here to choose your Z-Wave light switches.

Best Z-Wave Light Switches Listed

Quick List

Z-Wave Light Switch NamePriceRequires Z-Wave HubIn-Wall Install
1: GE Enbrighten Z-Wave Light Switch (Z-Wave Plus)$$
2: GE Enbrighten Z-Wave Plus Light Switch$$
3: Inovelli Z-Wave Light Switch$
4: Minoston Zwave Plus Light Switch - Smart Toggle Switch$
5: Aeotec WallMote Quad - Z-Wave Plus Light Switch$$
6: Minoston Z-Wave Plus On/Off Light Switch$
7: ZOOZ Z-Wave Light Switch$
Full list and details below
Best Z-Wave Light Switches List

This best selling list is based on real sales data from a major US marketplace. This sales data is based on units sold not total revenue. Data comes from the last 30 days of sales information at the time of posting and will be updated over time.

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The list is ranked in order of bestselling Z-wave light switch – descending.

1: GE Enbrighten Z-Wave Light Switch (Z-Wave Plus)

GE Enbrighten Z-Wave Light Switch (Z-Wave Plus)

Coming in at number 1 we have the GE Enbrighten Z-Wave Plus Smart Light Switch.

This is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant so you can control it from anywhere inside or even remotely using your smartphone.

Like all Z-Wave devices, it acts as a repeater. If you have a few of these in your house your Z-Wave hub will have plenty of options to hop signals around. It is a Z-Wave Plus device.

This is a 3-way compatible switch and you will need a Neutral wire. You can replace your existing switches and if you know what you’re doing can have your old light switch swapped out pretty quick.

Importantly it supports wireless updates. Z-Wave Hub required.

2: GE Enbrighten Z-Wave Plus Light Switch

GE Enbrighten Z-Wave Plus Light Switch

In number 2 we have another GE Enbrighten Z-Wave light switch but this has a flat and slim profile button compared to the unit in at number one.

Normally we don’t double list brands in a single list but as this is based on sales data we have to list it in number two – that and the fact we really like the profile of this switch.

It’s a nice looking unit and like it’s best-ranked sibling above it will require a Z-Wave hub to operate. This could be a SmartThings hub or similar.

Voltage support – 120/277 VAC for those of you electrically minded this is suitable for light commercial. Comes in Black, White, Ivory, Dark Brown and a two-tone almond option to ensure it can fit in anywhere.

Both these GE Enbrighten models are a quick replacement for existing light switches.

3: Inovelli Z-Wave Light Switch

Inovelli Z-Wave Light Switch

Coming in at number 3 we have the Inovelli Z-Wave Switch.

Inovelli has spent some time thinking about security on this one with a Z-Wave Plus S2 switch for added security.

Still requires a neutral wire and three-way installation, this unit can swap out your old device. Also requires a Z-Wave hub to operate which could include SmartThings, Ring, Hubitat, HomeSeer and others.

One of the features we like most is the indicator light on the front. It glows red if the switch is out of range. This is rare on Z-Wave devices and welcome addition.

While the black (not color) model of the switch is the better-selling model there is a red series model Z-Wave on/off switch which offers additional features.

4: Minoston Zwave Plus Light Switch - Smart Toggle Switch

Minoston Zwave Plus Light Switch - Smart Toggle Switch

The Minoston Z-Wave Light Switch is also a Z-Wave Plus device. As a Z-Wave on/off switch it you can operate it manually or from a mobile device and it works with Alexa and Google Assistant also.

For 3-way installation, a neutral wire is required. It is 120 VAC. Good for home installation.

Works with almost all Z-Wave hubs including Samsung SmartThings.

Minoston are quick to point out that this device does connect directly with the Echo Plus. This is the same for all these devices as the echo Plus uses Zigbee not Z-Wave. You CAN still control the device using Alexa through the echo Plus, just through the Z-Wave hub you connect this too.

5: Aeotec WallMote Quad - Z-Wave Plus Light Switch

Aeotec WallMote Quad - Z-Wave Plus Light Switch

As mentioned above the Aeotec Wallmote is really quite cool. It’s a lot more than a light switch but it’s also a light switch.

It has 4 programmable buttons which can be used in 4 different ways. Single touch, long touch and two swipe options. This means it has 16 modes/scenes it can control.

Also unlike the rest of the real in-the-wall Z-Wave light switches on this list, it can control scenes. e.g. You can tap one of the squares on the remote and it can turn a light on, or turn a light on and lock a door for example.

It can also do things other than turn lights on and off – it could lock a door or turn a smart switch on.

I think you get the picture. Essentially, don’t buy this thinking you can swap out an existing wall light switch – it’s not like that.

The last thing we’ll say about this is that it has a nice magnetic back so you can take it off the wall and move it around the house as you need to.

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6: Minoston Z-Wave Plus On/Off Light Switch

Minoston Z-Wave Plus On/Off Light Switch

Like the GE Enbrighten, the Minoston brand makes a second appearance, coming in at number 6 in this bestsellers list.

This is a rocker switch so it’s the slightly different style of switch and price that contributes to its success as a z wave switch choice.

Compatible with all the major Z-Wave hubs including SmartThings, Vera, Fibaro and more. If you are like us you might choose to program this to come on a schedule.

We have our main lounge light turn on at Sunset every night but you could also trigger it to turn on when there is motion via the Z-Wave hub (motion sensor extra).

Requires a neutral switch in 3 way installation. The Minoston can be used with main bulbs including LED, halogen, CFL & incandescent.

7: ZOOZ Z-Wave Light Switch

ZOOZ Z-Wave Light Switch

Rounding out the Z-Wave light switch is the Zooz Z-Wave plus on/off switch. Currently in its third iteration. They have a range of Z-Wave dimmer switches also.

If you are using a local Z-Wave hub (SmartThings excluded) you will appreciate the speed at which the lights turn on and off.

The ability to locally action commands means you avoid the need to go through the cloud i.e internet connectivity.

I digress. The ZOOZ that makes this list based on sales. It requires a neutral wire and can be installed as a 3-way switch. You will need a Z-Wave hub to be able to connect this switch.


We’ve listed the stand out bestselling Z-Wave switches based on sales by number units over the last 30 days.

You can read all the reviews on each as you start to narrow down your choice.

We own the Aetoec Wallmote and will also fit Aeotec Nano switch to some of the current wall switches we have as an experiment. That’s another option for you if you want to keep your existing light switches but add Z-Wave functionality to them.

Questions? Ask them here and we can help you out and discuss it together.

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