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Zmodo Smart Sprinkler Controller review – affordable smart garden watering

ntroducing Zmodo Smart Sprinkler Controller review

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The Zmodo Smart Sprinkler Controller with Beam is a different product compared to the rest of the line up from zmodo. Typically people associate them with affordable smart home cameras or their video doorbell product; both of which compete with Ring, owned by Amazon.

zmodo smart sprinkler tap controller review
Smart Sprinkler Controller – the App allows you to control each zone manually and you can set a schedule up for each, independently.

zmodo have established themselves as quite a strong market player in the camera and smart home equipment field but the new zmodo smart sprinkler is an exciting new step for them because it expands their smart home product line beyond the cameras, smart doorbells and smart home thermostats. They are taking on the garden tap.

This product is due for release soon and we’ll complete the full review once it’s out.

The core features are great. 1 x main outside tap can then run 3 x different hoses.

Each can have its own schedule and you can also choose which hose to turn on, on-demand.

Zmodo Smart Sprinkler features

  • 3 independently controlled hoses. So you can have 3 zones, or 2 zones or 1 water zone depending on your needs.
  • Ability to automatically schedule each hose independently. You could water the front lawn in the middle of the night and the vegetable garden in the late evening
  • Smartphone app with full control for each outlet.
  • Battery-powered – no need to run wires to it.
  • AES 256-bit secure encryption – just in case someone else wanted to water your garden for you… 🙂
  • zmodo Beam connectivity 915MHz (not WiFi like some of their other smart home devices.)

It comes with and is controlled via zmodo Beam with app connectivity to the zmodo tap controller. Beam is zmodo’s proprietary controller system. It also works to be controlled with any zmodo smart home hub.

I have 2 taps on the side of the house and use a Google WiFi network so while I was hoping it would have WiFi so I could set it up on the garden shed somewhere it will be fine connecting via the zmodo Beam rf frequency. The repeater range is 210 meters.

Zmodo Smart Sprinkler Controller Specifications

Here are specs for the zmodo smart tap controller

Inputs/Outputs1 input (tap) with 3 outputs
Water pressure0.05Mpa – 1Mpa (7.25PSI-145PSI)
Water inlet size3/4″ inch (Standard Garden Hose)
Water outlet size3/4″ inch (Standard Garden Hose)
Operating temperature0 – 40 °C, Designed for typical Home Use in an average climate.
Run Time – Min/MaxYou can run the timer From 1 To 240 Minutes
Battery info3.7V Li-ion Battery
WaterproofComes rated at IP65 (Battery Compartments and PCBA )

Zmodo Smart Sprinkler Controller connection options

zmodo devices typically use WiFi but not Z-Wave, Zigbee etc. I think a closed connection like Z-Wave or Zigbee would be a nice addition in the future but seems unlikely. It would allow me to connect this smart watering device to my abode security system. WiFi would be a nice option too and allow for a connection to third-party services like IFTTT and Alexa etc.

How I intend to use my zmodo smart sprinkler

So this will seem a little odd because this is something many people will have thought about but never done. Here is the crafty plan…

zmodo smart sprinkler tap controller: Plan 1

We have a cat that sits outside our bedroom at night. Someone in the neighbourhood owns the cat, we don’t know who. It sits there and whines and moans and just wakes the house up. It’s infuriating. As a light sleeper, I don’t want to get out of bed and shoo it away, or spray it with the water gun I have positioned near the door.

So the hope would be to use something like IFTTT or Amazon Alexa integration, or similar, to integrate the zmodo smart tap controller so I can then buy an Amazon Alexa echo button and when I hear the cat moaning at night I can roll over in bed, HIT the Amazon echo button and that will turn the sprinkler on outside for a minute or so.

Genius or crazy? The net result is that the cat will clear off AND the lawn will get a bit of a watering!

If I can’t connect the smart sprinkler to a third part service like IFTTT at least I know I can still open the app and press the button to turn on one of the tap valves to achieve the same thing.

Of course, I plan to use this for actually watering the grass lawn and garden but that’s obvious and easy to imagine.

zmodo smart sprinkler tap controller: Plan 2

We also have all the neighbourhood cats leaving deposits in the garden and on the lawn grass.

So, the second plan I have is to turn one of my abode motion detectors out on to the lawn. And then, in the hours when I know we are not using the lawn or garden space for anything I am going to schedule the motion detectors to trigger the zmodo smart sprinklers to turn on.

The hope is this will catch the cats (nothing else would trigger this motion on the lawn – maybe birds…) wandering across the grass and they will get wet and be deterred from hanging around to leave their deposits on the lawn.

Also genius or still crazy? Who said smart home devices couldn’t be multi-function?

Again – this might not be possible.

Summary – Zmodo Smart Sprinkler Controller

Regardless I think this is exciting as it:

  • Saves you running wires to a garden device, like the Rachio or Orbit
  • Will be cheaper than other hardwired solutions, and hopefully cheaper than the Eve Aqua Smart Water Controller
  • Will ideally get better results than other battery systems like that mentioned above.

I’ll keep you up to date with this one.

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