1MORE Brings on EVO, Hybrid Drivers And LDAC Hi-Res Bluetooth Based Audiophile Wireless Earbuds


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The top-of-the-line earbuds from 1MORE give Hi-Res Wireless audio at an affordable price point. It includes 42dB Hybrid Noise Cancellation, 6 microphones with a deep learning system, and perfectly tuned dual drivers. This is a good argument, but it has developed.

1MORE will shortly unveil the EVO version of its original CES 2020 True Wireless ANC earphones. Using their distinctive dual driver, these earbuds will provide a frequency response of 20Hz to 40kHz, giving exceptional audio quality and earning them a Hi-Res Audio certification. 

Additionally, in collaboration with Luca Bignardi, a four-time Grammy-winning engineer, and 1MORE’s partnership with Sonarworks, the 1MORE EVO will deliver unbelievable clarity, zippy bass, crisp vocals, unmatched details, and a broad soundstage that sounds great even at low volumes. 

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When the LDAC codec is supported, the EVO will provide a processing rate of up to 990Kbps, resulting in a fully enhanced detailed soundstage and accurate musical reproduction.

The finest wireless sound experience includes a noise cancellation system that enables audiophiles to enjoy precise reproduction of any choice media for aural delight. 

The 1MORE EVO will use the company’s famed QuietMax technology, which combines a feedforward and feedback mic on every earbud to record ambient noises both outside and within the earbuds, canceling undesired frequencies and delivering the 1MORE distinctive sound.

Overall, the 1MORE EVO achieves an astounding 42dB of total noise reduction, resulting in not only exceptional resolution but also a serene listening experience. 

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This QuietMax suite is strengthened further by a variety of noise-canceling options, including, but not limited to, an ‘Adaptive ANC’ that can be toggled on or off and automatically detects background sound through an algorithm and cancels it out. 

The buds will constantly adjust the amount of noise suppression to provide the finest listening experience possible. The 1MORE EVO takes things a step further by incorporating two distinct transparency options.

A conventional Pass-through mode enables the user to let in ambient sound, which may be especially beneficial in circumstances like as heavy traffic, as it helps the user become more aware of their surroundings. 

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As if that weren’t enough, 1MORE will also offer a Voice Enhancement option that boosts human voice frequencies to help it stand out even more in circumstances like confrontations with passing passengers or listening for vital announcements at a train station. 

Additionally, the 1MORE EVO is calibrated and prepared for calls, with a total of 6 microphones and a Deep Neural Connection algorithm that works in unison to filter out ambient noise and guide your voice during calls, resulting in crystal-clear discussions.

(Image Credit: 1More USA)

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