5G Can Cause Huge Trouble for Airlines: Warns U.S Airlines

U.S. Airlines are in trouble for new 5G

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What is 5G? 5G is known as the fifth-generation technology standard for broadband cellular networks. In telecommunications, 5G is supposed to ease communication technology with its faster and more stable network. Cellular phone companies began deploying 5G worldwide in 2019. 

Curse or Blessing?

While 5G is supposed to be a blessing for the people, it is not free of its curse. They are accusing 5G of causing problems for the various industries, especially those who rely on network technology. The most recent issue brought by the U.S aviation authorities accusing 5G’s probable effect in conducting flights especially in poor weather conditions. 

The top two U.S companies Verizon and AT&T are set to deploy more features to their new 5G technology which concerns top airlines in the U.S. They are fearing that it can cause major problems in conducting flights which will ultimately bring them in front of big economic loss. Airlines authorities sent a letter to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) detailing how the C-band 5G signal can cause trouble to the navigation system of airplanes. 

This issue is discussed in the higher authorities of the U.S government. The FAA has published a list of airlines that may be affected due to this upcoming 5G network. The airline authorities want to set up 5G networks at least 2 miles away from the airport.  It was said in the letter that ‘this kind of step will be beneficial to avoid economic losses of the airline’s travelers, vaccine supply and the whole aviation i

ndustry.’ The top two airlines Airbus and Boeing also showed apprehension about this issue. Airlines authorities showed their concern that thousands of U.S citizens could get stuck in a foreign country due to this inconsistency. Though the wireless industry group CTIA accused the airline’s authorities of spreading fear, to them the 5G technology is utterly safe.

The FAA is still working on this issue. The FAA said it “will continue to work ensuring the safety of the traveling public as wireless companies deploy 5G.

They are working with the aviation industry and wireless companies to try to limit 5G-related flight delays and cancellations.”

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