6 Great Tracks for Testing New Hi-Fi Speaker Systems

6 Great Tracks for Testing New Hi-Fi Speaker Systems

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Purchasing a new set of hi-fi speakers can be very exciting. 

When setting them up, there are many factors to consider. While you may have already done your research, you’ll likely get a lot of technical information and some valuable details about how your new speakers sound.

I’ve searched the music world and picked 6 songs that will push the boundaries of your new hi-fi speakers.  

This is to test them out and check how great they sound without having to deal with technical jargon like maximum output ratio, driver units, and frequency response. 

Let’s get to it!

Testing New Hi-Fi Speakers with the Best Tracks

After buying a new hi-fi speaker system, the best way to test them is by playing some tracks. 

Even if you know the specs of what you purchased, you need to check how your speakers actually sound by playing some music and some tracks are perfect for checking the sound quality of your new audio device.

When you play certain tracks, you can gauge how well your speakers perform in the following aspects:

  • Mix and detail
  • Treble
  • Spatial separation
  • Bass
  • Attack and decay quality
  • Frequency range
  • Rhythm and timing
  • Surround sound
  • Dynamic range
  • Midrange quality
  • Overall tonal balance

6 Tracks to Listen to with New Hi-Fi Speakers

To help you with this, I created a playlist that includes the best songs to listen to for evaluating and testing new hi-fi speaker systems.

1. Caribbean Blue by Enya

Caribbean Blue by Enya
Caribbean Blue by Enya – Track Cover

Before you judge me for featuring any new-age music on my list, please note that Enya, born in Ireland, is renowned for mixing her songs. 

To create a dreamy and otherworldly atmosphere, she layers several audio files on top of one another.

You’ll feel as if you’re gliding on water in an exotic sea while listening to Caribbean Blue because of its whirling, swirling, and encompassing sound. 

If listening to this song doesn’t make you feel incredibly calm, it means that your speakers aren’t set up correctly.

2. Lonesome Lover by Max Roach

Lonesome Lover by Max Roach - Album Cover
Lonesome Lover by Max Roach – Album Cover

If you like jazz, then this song is for you. 

The hi-hat and crash cymbal playing on this track will serve as a good treble test but Jordan’s whimpering, wailing, and striding performance is the main draw. It’s this portion of the song that has distinguished high frequency.

From 3:00 to 3:12, the song puts your tweeters’ capacity to modulate a note while maintaining its roughness and attack to the test. 

Abby Lincoln and the ensemble also performed high-frequency fidelity testing at 4:38 and then at 6:04.

3. Suntoucher by Groove Armada

Suntoucher by Groove Armada - Album Cover
Suntoucher by Groove Armada – Album Cover

Get into the mood with this track’s excellent rhythm part. It’s a fantastic song to test your hi-fi party capabilities and you’ll feel like dancing through your lounge or listening room like it’s the 2000s.

This song’s round, rich, and strong bass makes it perfect for listening to. It’s more than just the lyrics because the vocals aren’t as prominent in the mix. 

This song is great for public dancing and driving down the highway on a bright day with the windows open and the sun beaming in your face.

4. Hotel California by The Eagles

Hotel California by The Eagles - Track Cover
Hotel California by The Eagles – Track Cover

Although the music in the original track is quite complex, the live performance adds another level of audio testing. Expert sound engineers like to use this track to check their device’s high and low levels.

In particular, the opening acoustic guitar solo features distinct high-pitched sounds, and when the bongo rhythms enter, a startling amount of bass emerges. 

Anyone witnessing you test your new speakers will nod in approval at the live rendition of Hotel California.

5. Hey Now by London Grammar

Hey Now by London Grammar - Track Cover
Hey Now by London Grammar – Track Cover

This is another deep and atmospheric track that’s pleasing to listen to. 

Even though this track appears to be easy, it contains a fundamental ingredient that will put your hi-fi speakers to the limit. This essential component is the deep bass sound that forms the foundation of the song’s middle section.

You’ll feel lost in the soundstage thanks to the tracks’ separation and the proper placement of your stereo speakers.

Hannah’s vocals are excellent on this song, but the bottom end makes it enjoyable. Since it’s so low and deep, you should feel some movement in your soles when it begins.

6. Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen

Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen - Track Cover
Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen – Track Cover

Evaluating your speakers while playing one of the best tracks by Queen is challenging. 

It has so many voices and guitar layers, making the four-piece rock band sound like a whole choir. The song’s dynamic constantly shifts which is excellent for evaluating sound systems and every speaker test possible is included. 

Bohemian Rhapsody has excellent guitar riffs, acappella singing, loud bass, and gentle, lyrical piano music, and all these are just in the first half of the song. 

This song has more than 180 different overdubs. If you’re using outstanding speakers, every degree of sound should be audible and clear.

Freddy Mercury’s voice at the head of the chorus exemplifies the variety of the human voice. 

The loudspeaker outputs at the right and left alternate back and forth, and the volume level and tempo constantly change. 

In other words, if the salesperson only allows you to listen to one song on the speakers you’re considering buying, make it Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody.


Playing the songs on this list should give you a good gauge of how great your new hi-fi speakers sound so I hope this post was helpful especially if you have new speakers that you want to test out. 

If you have other songs in mind, feel free to comment below.

A passion for writing and ongoing research projects gives Catherine an incredibly broad knowledge of all things. She has authored an incredible number of articles and can be found in the wilderness when not attached to technology or listening to podcasts.

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