Redragon GS520 Anvil Speaker Review – An Entry-Level Speaker With Exceptional Features

Redragon GS520 Anvil Speaker - Design

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Release Date
August 24, 2020
0.071 oz
82 x 96 x180 mm

After trying out two keyboards from Redragon and being pretty happy with them, I wanted to explore more of their gaming gear. That’s when I stumbled upon the Redragon GS520 Anvil, a desktop gaming speaker that retails for around $30 but I got it for just $20 at some local online marketplace. 

My old speaker wasn’t cutting it as it lacked that immersive stereo vibe, so I decided it was time for an upgrade.

I’ve seen numerous positive reviews about the Redragon GS520 Anvil online, which is another reason for me to get it. It has a sleek modern look that caught my eye and the RGB lights on its surface add to its gamer design.

In this review, we’ll see how it performs and if it’s worth the purchase.

Best Value

Redragon GS520 Anvil

A budget gaming speaker with impressive sound quality

Price Range: $
Brand: Redragon
Redragon GS520 Anvil Speaker - Green Light


The Redragon GS520 Anvil, priced at less than $40, really surprised me with its capabilities as a stereo desktop speaker. What caught my eye was the touch-controlled RGB lighting, offering six mood-setting modes alongside dedicated buttons for easy light and volume adjustments.

But the real kicker? Its sound quality totally blew me away. Despite not having a sub-woofer, the bass is impressively boomy for its state, the mids come out crystal clear, and the treble adds a very energetic vibe. The Redragon GS520 Anvil is available in three colors: white, black, and pink. For its price, it’s a solid gaming speaker that’s hard to beat, with very few downsides to nitpick.

The Specs

  • Speaker Type:  RGB Stereo Desktop Speakers (2.0)
  • Connection Type:  Wired (USB-A + 3.5mm)
  • Power Input:  5V
  • Power Consumption:  3W x 2
  • Frequency:  160 – 20,000 Hz
  • Material:  Plastic

What’s in the Box?

  • Redragon GS520 Anvil Speakers
  • Redragon Decal
  • User Manual

Stuff I like

  • Affordable price
  • Decent sound quality
  • Vibrant RGB lighting with different modes
  • Minimalist design
  • Long cable

Stuff I like less

  • Needs more RGB modes
  • Cables are a bit stiff
  • Backlight of buttons can’t be changed
  • Lacks clarity in the treble region
  • Appearance of the speakers should be mirrored

Review Metrics

Sound Quality: 7
Bass: 6
Mids: 8
Treble: 7
Build Quality: 9
Value for Money: 9
Accessories: 7
Review Metrics Average: 7.57 / 10

First Impressions

After being thoroughly impressed with my previous Redragon purchases, I wanted to check out more of their products. This was how I came across the Redragon GS520 Anvil, which comes in pairs.

At first glance, it struck me how much this speaker resembled something you’d expect from a big brand like Razer or SteelSeries. Call it an overreaction but, honestly, it exudes the kind of premium quality that’s usually associated with top-tier brands. Despite being released three years ago, the appearance of the Redragon Anvil GS520 still stands out.

A few days after placing the order, the speaker finally arrived. The anticipation was real, and I have to say, it was worth the wait.

The packaging mirrored the design motif of my other Redragon items – a sleek, dark-themed box featuring an image of the speakers on the front with “Anvil” in bold letters at the bottom right.

On the left side of the box, the three main features are listed: RGB backlighting by touch control, classic design, and outstanding bass quality, which we’ll explore later as this speaker operates on a 2.0 system, meaning it doesn’t have a sub-woofer.

Redragon GS520 Anvil Speaker
Three control buttons front facing the right speaker unit | Make Life Click

Flipping to the back of the box, there are more of the speaker’s features listed in different languages. The box was sealed with a sticker, ensuring the package had never been tampered with. Upon unboxing, the speakers greeted me neatly wrapped in plastic, alongside the user manual and a free sticker, which is a nice little addition.

The moment I laid eyes on it, I had a gut feeling that the Redragon GS520 Anvil was going to surpass my expectations. The premium aesthetics of the speakers set the bar high and I really wanted its performance to be just as good.

Design and Build Quality

The Redragon GS520 Anvil has a compact design, which is nice as it doesn’t take up too much space on my desk even though it comes in pairs. Also, for a gaming speaker, it feels very light on my hands and feels a bit hollow when I gently knock on its plastic body.

The speaker comes in three colors: black, white, and pink. I got the black one which features an all-black body.

On the front of the left and right speakers, there’s a metal grille that covers the tweeters. It’s painted black to match the overall theme. Both speakers also have an elevated plastic part at the front with a brushed aluminum texture. The RGB backlight separates the metal grille and the brushed aluminum textured plastic.

On the left speaker, you’ll find the Redragon logo with the same brushed aluminum texture attached to the metal grille. Meanwhile, on the right speaker, you’ll find the buttons for volume control and RGB on/off. The buttons have a red backlight that can’t be turned off.

Another thing to note is that these speakers do not have an L and R indicator and having the same structure for both speakers may confuse you when setting them up for the first time. I just wish that they made these speakers mirrored.

Lastly, under the speakers are anti-slip rubber pads to ensure they won’t slip or move when loud volumes of audio are played.

Redragon GS520 Anvil Speaker - Grille Design
The grille design with Redragon logo | Make Life Click

Now let’s talk about the Redragon GS520 Anvil’s build quality. For something that’s branded as a gaming speaker and costs around $20 to $30, it looks solid and feels sturdy. Its body is made of durable plastic with a matte texture and at the back, you’ll find the cables for the USB and 3.5mm jack.

However, the cables are kinda stiff and feel cheap but for its price, I think it’s understandable.


The Redragon GS520 Anvil stands out from the budget market because of its features. Its touch-sensitive controls steal the show, especially when switching up those RGB modes. A gentle tap on the top of the right speaker, and boom, you’ve got access to six different lighting modes.

The Waving RGB mode is the default setting that gives you this mesmerizing flow of colors moving up and looping around. It’s like your own personal light show. Then there’s the audio visualizer mode, which looks cool when you’re just chilling and grooving to some tunes. 

Quick note, though – the lights don’t groove along with the music and they’re more like random flashes. But hey, if you want to vibe like they’re in sync with the music, they still somewhat sync to the beat at around 110 BPM (yeah, I figured that out for you)

Moving on, we’ve got the breathing effect. This one’s smooth as butter, cycling through different colors seamlessly, which is great for those long gaming sessions when you want some mellow lighting vibes. The rest are solid colors – red, green, and blue. They’re pretty neat if you’re trying to match your gaming setup’s theme or something.

Oh, and wouldn’t it be awesome if they added an option to tweak the backlight’s brightness? That’s a feature I wish they had but, sadly, not in today’s package.

Using the speaker’s buttons, a clever lighting effect with a combination of cyan and purple that mimics a volume bar can be seen when turning the volume up or down. And lastly, for the buttons on the right speaker. You’ve got your trusty volume and power buttons for controlling the RGB lighting. 

Overall, this speaker has a handy little setup for easy adjustments without any fuss.

Redragon GS520 Anvil Speaker - RGB Light
Attractive RGB light with 6 modes to choose from | Make Life Click

Using the Redragon GS520 Anvil

I’ve been using the Redragon GS520 Anvil for about a month now, and I think it’s valid to give my sentiments about it.

Setting them up isn’t a problem as they’re basically plug-and-play. However, I’d recommend sparing an extra USB port for the speakers as they are powered through USB but if your setup is near an outlet, hooking it up to a power brick will do the job.

With gaming, the speakers also do a great job producing almost realistic sound effects. One nifty trick I did was setting them very far from each other to create a more 3D-sounding effect and it worked.

One problem I expected is that people with ultra-wide monitors may find the cable’s length lacking. Redragon didn’t state how long the wires are but it’s about 31 inches long in my observation. It’s not enough if you’re trying a minimalist setup with hidden cables and speakers on each side of the monitor.

Sound Quality

Having an awesome-looking speaker with RGB lighting is a good feature, but what about its sound? I’d say the Redragon GS520 Anvil gets the job done nicely when it comes to producing decent audio.

In terms of delivering lows, the speakers can’t go very deep but offer a mediocre rumble. Essentially, they won’t turn a room into a live concert but can still deliver a nice impact. Regarding the mids, I’m honestly surprised they’re not that muffled. This is due to the lack of dominating lows that let other frequencies come through. Vocals aren’t overly prominent but aren’t drowned out either.

Redragon GS520 Anvil Speaker - Cable
The power cord, which integrates the USB-A and 3.5mm connections | Make Life Click

As for the treble, it’s not as crystal clear as some high notes on an electric guitar are a bit veiled. However, they’re quite good for the price. The technicalities are also decent. The stereo separation of the GS520 is also good and provides an immersive feel when gaming or listening to music. 

The main issue with the sound occurs when it’s turned up to 70% to 100%. They tend to get distorted and produce some static noise. Yet, I don’t find myself cranking the volume up to a hundred, as these speakers can get really loud at just 40%.

Redragon GS520 RGB Desktop Speakers, 2.0 Channel PC Computer Stereo Speaker with 6 Colorful LED Modes, Enhanced Sound and Easy-Access Volume Control, USB Powered w/ 3.5mm Cable
Redragon GS520 Anvil


Overall, the Redragon GS520 Anvil is an excellent budget speaker with tons of features. The RGB lighting seals the deal, especially with its touch-sensitive control for changing the RGB mode to your liking.

It’s not the best in the market, but if you need something to amp up the audio in your setup without spending too much, it’s one of your best options. It’s for gaming but it also works well for music streaming because of its decent sound quality. 

All in all, I have no regrets buying the Redragon GS520 Anvil and I’d definitely recommend it as an entry-level gaming speaker.

Redragon GS520 Anvil Speaker - Design
Redragon GS520 Anvil
Build Quality
Sound Quality
Value for money

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