Early Prime Big Deal: 67% Off on Amazon eero Pro 3-Pack

Amazon eero Pro

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You can get your whole home equipped with fast WiFi routers and enjoy blazing-fast network speed with the Amazon eero Pro.

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Amazon eero Pro mesh

Cover every corner of your home with strong and reliable WiFi with the Amazon eero Pro mesh network system.

And with a full-fledged eero Pro package, which contains one eero Pro router and two beacons, you can get super-fast WiFi speed even in the areas which are currently dead zones for your router.

The great part? You don’t even need to pay the full price to get yourself such a fast WiFi router setup. Currently, the 3-pack Amazon eero Pro is going for 67% less than the regular price.

Amazon eero Pro
Source: Amazon

So, in simpler words, getting superior wireless network speed in all the corners of the home is now 67% cheaper than before with this early Prime Big Deal.

Want to know what you’ll actually be getting by grabbing this 3-pack deal? First, the Amazon eero Pro mesh WiFi system will replace any of the WiFi routers, extenders, and internet boosters you have installed in your home.

But don’t worry; the system can deliver much better coverage than what you currently have. Specifically, this eero Pro system can cover at least five bedrooms. And the significant part is that you’ll get strong and reliable connections in all of them.

Amazon eero Pro
Source: Amazon

On that note, this deal is on the 2nd Gen of Amazon eero Pro mesh network system. It comes with a highly intelligent mechanism and robust hardware inside. These upgrades bring improved performance.

To be specific, the 2nd Gen eero products are two times faster than the predecessor. And in case you’re unaware, the first-generation eero mesh system was much better than traditional WiFi systems.

Also, you don’t need to throw out your 1st Gen eero products if you’ve them currently installed at your home.

Amazon eero Pro
Source: Amazon

The 2nd Gen Amazon eero mesh system is backward compatible. That means you can make the products of this package work with them.

Nonetheless, the new eero mesh WiFi system offers cutting-edge home WiFi. What’s more important is that the network will remain stable throughout the entire time you’ve this system installed at your home.

Wondering how? Unlike regular WiFi routers, the Amazon eero Pro mesh system automatically updates every month. These regular firmware updates keep the home WiFi up to date and blazing fast.

Amazon eero Pro
Source: Amazon

Another thing that makes this system cutting-edge is the proprietary TrueMesh technology. With it, the system can leverage multiple wireless access points to offer you a reliable internet experience.

Last but not least, the Amazon eero Pro mesh system’s installation process is quick and easy. To be exact, the setup only takes a few minutes. And with the companion app, you can quickly configure the wireless network according to your preference.

Amazon eero Pro mesh WiFi router, Basic Box Packaging, 3 pack
Amazon eero Pro mesh

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