iFi Neo IDSD 2: World’s First Lossless Bluetooth DAC/Amp

iFi Neo IDSD 2

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The iFi Neo IDSD 2 is now official, and it comes with the promise to make a major shift in the wireless audiophile market.

Curious to know how? The Neo IDSD 2 is slated to be the first-ever DAC/Amp that’ll deliver lossless wireless streaming. It features the class-leading aptX Lossless streaming codec.

For those wondering, the aptX Lossless streaming codec is the only wireless codec that can offer uncompressed signal over Bluetooth. But it’s not just the new codec that makes the iFi Neo IDSD 2 special.

iFi Neo IDSD 2
Source: iFi

In addition, the 3-in-1 DAC/amp combo will pack Bluetooth 5.4. It’s the latest version of Bluetooth that, according to iFi, can offer a maximum bit rate of 1,200 kbps over the high-fidelity wireless format.

So, with aptX Lossless and Bluetooth 5.4, the new iFi Neo IDSD 2 will let you get the most out of streaming services. That includes Tidal and Apple Music. Also, the DAC/amp combo has some exciting wireless features.

iFi announced that the maximum output power of the new DAC/amp combo is 5,551 mW at 32 ohms. That makes the unit more capable of delivering superior performance than most of the amplifiers that are within this range.

iFi Neo IDSD 2
Source: iFi

What’s more important is that the circuitry of the iFi Neo IDSD 2 is similar to the Diablo models. With these features, iFi promises to offer you a sound experience that will be five times more powerful than its predecessor.

The iFi Neo IDSD 2 will also be bundled with a new wireless companion app. It goes by Nexis. In the app, you’ll find different control settings that’ll let you get the most out of the playback.

There’re some additional features in the Nexis app too. Those will further enhance your audio experience with the DAC/amp combo.

iFi Neo IDSD 2
Source: iFi

And if you’re wondering, the companion app of the new DAC/Amp combo will be available for both Android and iOS devices. So, no matter what mobile device you’re using, you’ll be set to get the most control over the combo.

Other highlights of the iFi Neo IDSD 2 include versatile connectivity ports. In terms of the digital inputs, you’ve USB 3.0 B, which is USB 2.0 compatible. Also, there’re S/PDIF optical and coaxial ports.

For wireless connections, there’s Bluetooth 5.4. It brings the aptX Lossless, aptX, aptX Adaptive, LDAC, AAC, SBC, and LHDC/HWA. For headphones, you’ve Balanced 4.4mm and unbalanced 6.3mm ports.

iFi Neo IDSD 2
Source: iFi

The first is for the 12ohm to 600ohm headphones, while the latter is for 12ohm to 300ohm headphones.

Overall, things are looking pretty great for the iFi Neo IDSD 2. And it certainly has the potential to shake the audio market.

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