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8 Ways to Discover More With Your AirPods 

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AirPods have become one of the top Apple accessories that has a huge market and popularity as well. These dynamic gadgets have advanced with each generation and feature a high-quality sound that is hard to find. 

For new users, here we have mentioned eight new ways to enhance your AirPods experience and make the most out of them. 

Use Only One Pod at a Time

You can listen to music or a podcast for hours by putting on the AirPods in a single charge. If you want your AirPods to work for an entire day or more when you are on a trip, here’s the hack. 

Use one of them at a time and leave another one in the charging case to preserve the battery. Swap them when it starts to run out of battery.

Connect AirPods to Mac

If you find a problem connecting the pods to the Mac or iPhone, there might be some issues with BlueTooth functionality. In that case, you may find audio interruptions which seem to be annoying. In most cases, you may need to tweak BlueTooth settings on the computer. 

Make sure that the headphones are completely charged and discoverable. Enter the pairing code when prompted and wait for the devices to pair properly. Click here to learn more about connecting headphones to Mac. 

Rename Your Apple AirPods

Apple Airpods
Photo by Daniel Romero on Unsplash

The AirPods give you different ways to customize them; however, only a few users know about it. You can change the name of the AirPods and rename them with a preferred name to make it easy to identify them when you need to pair them on a new Apple device.

To rename your AirPods, go to Settings in iPhone, click BlueTooth, select the info icon, and tap Name. Next, click the Name field to enter the new name for your AirPods. Click on Done and then click Back to complete the process. 

Set Up Siri to Read Messages

If you have the latest version of the operating system installed on the Mac, you can ask Siri to read the latest messages and notifications through AirPods. After listening to the Siri message, you can reply with a voice command.

With the latest AirPods, you can summon Siri by Saying ‘Hey Siri’ and can request the native voice assistant to do additional tasks such as forecasting the weather, changing the song, turning up the volume, and even more. You can also disable Siri if you wish.

Find Your Lost AirPod

Losing AirPods is easy but finding them is difficult. When you are not using them, make it a habit to put them back in the case to avoid misplacing them. It’s difficult to spot them easily as they are tiny and can easily slip into the nooks and corners. 

If you have paired your AirPods to the Find My Phone feature available on Apple’s portable devices, you can locate them easily. To locate the missing AirPods, go to Settings on iPhone, click on your name, tap Find My and then click to Enable Find My iPhone and Send Last Location. 

Connect AirPods With Non-Apple Products

You may not know this, but AirPods are not exclusive to macOS, iPadOS, or iOS devices only. It is possible to use them with Android devices, too, and that’s a significant advantage as most users out there own an Android phone. 

With AirPods in the case, open the lid. Next, press and hold down the button available on the case to pair them to the Android device. Launch BlueTooth Settings on your Android phone and tap on the AirPods to pair them. 

Customize the Way You Use AirPods

Apple Airpods in the Air
Photo by Alejandro Luengo on Unsplash

You can change the default double-tap functioning on your AirPods and can customize the press-and-hold settings. This will allow you to reconfigure the functioning of your AirPods in an all-new way. 

Connect your AirPods to iPad or iPhone, go to Settings, and tap BlueTooth. Next, click on the ‘i’ icon available next to AirPods and select either left or right to change the settings. You can select any of the options among Play, Skip to the next track, Pause, or Play Genre.

Clean AirPods the Right Way

Your AirPods, similar to any other earphones, catch up with dirt and bacteria; therefore, regular cleaning is important. Any kind of dust accumulation can affect their performance as well as the chances of getting an infection. 

Clean the AirPods with a lint-free cloth and a few drops of water to make them louder. Use cleansing wipes to remove any dirt that builds up over time. Do not share them with anyone for hygienic reasons. Repeat the cleaning process every couple of days to keep your AirPods clean. 

The Conclusion 

Your Apple AirPods allows you to listen to Spotify, an audiobook, or a music album and Podcasts on other apps. By learning a few more tricks mentioned in this article, you can explore more from the wireless earpods. 

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