Acoustic Energy Debuts the AE105, and It’s Something That You Might Want to Keep On Your Wishlist

Acoustic Energy Debuts the AE105

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Your home audio system might soon get an upgrade. Acoustic Energy has just debuted an on-wall speaker, the AE105. 

But, first of all, what is an on-wall speaker? In short, it’s something that you can mount on the wall vertically. And thanks to that, it will blend into the surroundings and make the audio system discreet.

However, that is not all that you would want to know about the Acoustic Energy AE105. At its core, it is a 2-way loudspeaker. It utilizes a waveguide tech and a soft dome tweeter. 

Acoustic Energy Debuts the AE105
Source: Acoustic Energy

In addition to that, the speaker has two paper cone drivers, which are 130 mm each. One of them acts like a passive radiator, eventually offering extra bass into the music.

Acoustic Energy reckons that the AE105 will effectively enhance home stereo sound systems. For example, you can pair it up with your TV or use it as a center, left, or right channel for your home cinema setup. 

Moreover, the form factor of the Acoustic Energy AE105 is compact enough to fit into any setup you like. 

Acoustic Energy Debuts the AE105
Source: Acoustic Energy

According to the MD, Mat Spandl, “The AE105 is a compact design for those whose living space is at a premium but don’t want to compromise on sound quality. Whether used as part of a 2.1 / 5.1 system or in stereo configuration, the AE105 are equally at home on a bookshelf as well as mounted on the wall.”

Well, that statement really tells a lot about the AE105. And on the note of “premium,” the outlook and design of the Acoustic Energy AE105 will impress you. 

There are multiple color options available too. You can choose one from white, black, and walnut vinyl veneer. One of the good things about each of the colors is that they blend exceptionally well with décor. 

Acoustic Energy Debuts the AE105
Source: Acoustic Energy

That means if you choose to mount the speaker on the wall, you will not have any trouble making the setup look discreet. 

And that is not something you see in most speakers these days. What about the price? Well, compared to other home audio system speakers, the price point is sitting pretty at an affordable range

Acoustic Energy Debuts the AE105
Source: Acoustic Energy

And with the package, you will get all the things that you will need for installation. That includes wall spacers mounting plates. 

The package will also ship with a duo of light grey and black speaker grilles, which you can use to make the speaker blend even more with the décor. Lastly, you can purchase the Audio Energy AE105 in both 5.1 and 2.1 configurations.

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