Hate the Soundbar of Your TV? Audio Pro has Got a Solution

Audio Pro A48

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The Swedish brand Audio Pro has a solid track record of offering high-performance speakers. And with the A48, Audio Pro is here to replace your TV Soundbar for good! 

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Audio Pro A36

A36 will supply you with a full-bodied TV sound that surpasses the one of soundbars, due to its stereo effect. And the pair will not only give you an open and spacious sound stage for your TV-sound, it will also deliver the music for your party as well as your everyday listening.

But what is wrong with the soundbars in the first place? Well, to start with, these audio devices are relatively small in size. That makes them have many physical limitations.

In other words, the size of the soundbars constrains them in terms of the audio that they can produce. The audio does not have the sheer scale and power most home theatre owners look for. With the A48, Audio Pro is here to solve that issue.

Audio Pro A48
Source: Audio Pro

Basically, the A48 is a pair of wireless and high-powered floor standers. This pair of speakers are meant to flank your TV and improve your movie-watching and audio-listening experience. 

To offer these features, the A48 comes with HDMI ARC and tons of streaming functionalities. It gets all of those streaming features thanks to the support for Google Cast and AirPlay 2.

In short, you can stream audio from streaming services on the A48 or locally. The companion app also has many features for making multi-room setup easier for you. 

Audio Pro A48
Source: Audio Pro

However, you should note that the multi-room features are only for compatible speakers within the Audio Pro range.

You can consider the A48 as one system with does-it-all capabilities. It can be a wireless streaming device if you want to or it could simply play the audio coming from your TV when you need it to. 

But, in terms of your movie needs, you should know that the Audio Pro A48 does not have support for Dolby Atmos. That is something that most home theatre owners look for.

But that does not mean you will be disappointed with its performance while watching a movie.

Audio Pro A48
Source: Audio Pro

According to the CCO of Audio Pro, Jens Henriksen, “We wanted to take our award-winning concept of packing a lot of sound into a small space and apply it to a speaker with a larger design.” 

Here, by the award-winning concept, Jens is referring to the smaller musical systems from the brand, such as the Addon C10 MKII.

Audio Pro A48
Source: Audio Pro

Nonetheless, aesthetic-wise, the A48 falls perfectly in the Audio Pro lineup. The speakers come in minimalist black or white finishing and a Scandi-Esque sleek design. And when you are purchasing the A48, you will have the option to customize the fabric grilles that are on the front of the speakers. 

So, if you want to make the speakers merge well with your entire setup, you definitely have the option to do so with the A48.

Audio Pro A36 TV Speakers | HiFi Stereo, WiFi Powered, Wireless Multi-Room Floor Standing Tower Speakers | Wireless Surround Sound System for TV (Virtual), Home Theatre Audio - Pair, Black
Audio Pro A36

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