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Noble Audio Ronin

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The high-end catalog of Noble Audio is getting bigger and bigger. And the recent addition, the Noble Audio Ronin, should probably be your go-to IEM if you want to enjoy the best audiophile features.

First of all, the IEM is all-in in the premium category. Everything about the Ronin is flagship grade, from the look and feel of the earphones to the performance. 

And when it comes to looks, the Ronin comes with a fantastic marble-like design. The predominant dark purple coloration with specks of other colors will surely make it stand out from the crowd.

Noble Audio Ronin
Jade; Source: Noble Audio

Noble Audio Ronin does not compromise one bit in terms of ergonomics. Although the design is eye-catching, it will be very comfortable to wear. 

The naturally supportive in-ear cavity will not add too much pressure on your ears. And the Ronin also comes with a large number of ear tips, enhancing the fit even further. Wondering what the Noble Audio Ronin sounds like? 

It comes with a staggering 12-driver arrangement. And most of them are electrostatic units and balanced armatures. These balanced armatures come from Sonion and Knowles

Noble Audio Ronin
Jade; Source: Noble Audio

And four of the Knowles drivers are fitted in such a way that they only focus on the mid-high and high frequencies.

On the other hand, the other eight drivers, which are from Sonion, are dished out for sub-bass, high, mid-bass, and super-high frequencies. 

With such an arrangement of drivers inside, the Noble Audio Ronin will offer you a Soundstage that will be incomparable.

Noble Audio Ronin
Jade; Source: Noble Audio

Talking of which, the soundstage of the Noble Audio Ronin might not feel spacious on the first try. However, with time, the depth of the soundstage will grow on you. And the most important aspect of the soundstage is the apparent linearity.

For an IEM of this caliber, it is impossible to imagine getting significant depth and wide open space with tall instruments. But Ronin will manage to amaze you in this regard.

However, the part where the Noble Audio Ronin shines the most is in terms of the bass. The pair of IEMs can resonate low-end frequencies with intense depth. There’s a lot of texture and detail in every low-end.

Noble Audio Ronin
Jade; Source: Noble Audio

In terms of the mids, the Ronin offers a beautiful natural profile. There is not much body on the mids, but the IEMs will definitely let you enjoy the vocals and instruments fully.

Finally, in terms of the highs, there are some bright spots on the Noble Audio Ronin. It offers little leanness, but the IEMs do a great job of providing fulfilling top-end notes. Overall, the Ronin is indeed an excellent high-end IEM for audiophiles.

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