Is Roland VMH-D1 the Ultimate Drumming Headphone?

Roland VMH-D1

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So, there’s a headphone for everyone, right? What about the electronic drummers? Well, these professionals do not really have many good options to choose from. 

And Roland VMH-D1 decided to change that. The VMH-D1 V-Drums Headphones are basically what the name tells you. 

It is a headphone that is a focused solution for monitoring electronic drumming. Roland developed the headphones in partnership with V-MODA. 

Roland VMH-D1
Source: Roland

And according to both, the VMH-D1 will let you “realize the full sonic potential of V-Drums or any other e-kit.” But is the Roland VMH-D1 comfortable to wear, though? 

Even though the pair of headphones do not have a “traditional design,” Roland did prioritize comfort. The pair comes with good enough padding and an ergonomic design

So, you can wear it for prolonged sessions without facing any fatigue. On that note, the memory foam earpads can offer good isolation from outside distractions and acoustic pad noise

Roland VMH-D1
Source: Roland

And the moisture-wicking properties of the soft synthetic leather will lower slippages when you are all sweated up during a prolonged drumming session. What about the sonic performance? 

Roland V-Drums team and V-MODA have been working closely through the development stages. And if you are unaware, V-MODA is already known for offering great headphones for electronic musicians and DJs. 

With the combined expertise, the companies developed custom 50 mm drivers. These 50 mm drivers are made from select materials and have a unique mounting method. 

Roland VMH-D1
Source: Roland

Thanks to these two factors, the drivers of the Roland VMH-D1 have the ability to accurately translate the aggressive transients. 

The drivers even do a proper job of handling rich overtones and the wide frequency range of the electronic drum sets.

For the custom-tuned sound, you can expect to produce high-impact audio that will be full of “tight, punchy bass for kick tones; warm, full midrange for the snare and toms; and smooth, extended highs for the cymbals.”

Roland VMH-D1
Source: Roland

The Roland VMH-D1 even has a big soundstage. And its crystal clear separation, combined with the soundstage, allows it to let you monitor “subtle drum overtones; natural cymbal decay; room sounds; and ambiance effects” closely. In other words, you will be presented with everything in full 3D detail.

Besides that, the Roland VMH-D1 comes with an extra-long 10 feet cable that will offer you enough freedom to route the wire around your equipment. The line also has a restraint that lets you secure the wire behind your head and onto the floor.

Finally, even though the Roland VMH-D1 is tuned for drums, it is also an excellent pair of headphones for listening to music. So, if you want, you can also pick it up to get an immersive music-listening experience.

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