Amazon Echo Frames 2nd Gen is Going for 30% Less!

Amazon Echo Frames 2nd Gen

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If you are looking for smart audio sunglasses, the Amazon Echo Frames 2nd Gen should be under your radar. Want to know why? 

Best Value
Echo Frames (2nd Gen)

Echo Frames are smart audio glasses that give you hands-free access to Alexa.

The glasses not only have smart features but also come with different lenses. That means you can not only enjoy the smart features it has to bring to the table but also will get yourself a pair of glasses that are highly functional. 

Most importantly, the glasses are currently coming with a staggering 30% discount. So, now would be the right time to pick them up. Wondering what innovative features the Amazon Echo Frames 2nd Gen has to bring to the table? 

Amazon Echo Frames 2nd Gen
Source: Amazon

Firstly, the unit comes with hands-free Alexa integration. Thanks to that, you can easily make calls, set reminders, get search results, and listen to the news on the go.

The glass also comes with open-ear audio. That is, the Amazon Echo Frames 2nd Gen can direct audio directly to your ears. 

For that reason, you don’t have to worry about others around you hearing what you are listening to. Plus, it has Auto Volume that can adjust the volume automatically by considering the environmental noise. 

Amazon Echo Frames 2nd Gen
Source: Amazon

As it makes the adjustments in real-time, you can expect to get good audio performance even when you are in a noisy environment. 

But yes, do not expect to get a True Wireless Stereo (TWS) grade sound. The Amazon Echo Frames 2nd Gen excels in terms of the build too. 

It is exceptionally light in weight and has an ergonomic design. You can wear the glasses throughout the day without facing any comfort issues.

Amazon Echo Frames 2nd Gen
Source: Amazon

Moreover, the glasses have an IPX4 rating, which enables the glasses to resist splash and sweat. 

Also, you can get them in polarized form with UV 4000 protection or blue light filtering lenses. You can even get glasses with prescription-ready frames.

The battery life of the Amazon Echo Frames 2nd Gen will not disappoint you. The glasses can offer up to 14 hours of media playback and two hours of talk time with proper Alexa interactions. 

Amazon Echo Frames 2nd Gen
Source: Amazon

If you want to get non-stop playback, you will be looking at around 4 hours of runtime. On that note, you can switch the Alexa voice assistant to Siri or Google Assistant if you want to. 

The support for Siri makes the Amazon Echo Frames 2nd Gen fully compatible with Apple devices.

Finally, the frames prioritise your privacy over anything else. The built-in microphones will only respond when your voice activates them. And with a press of a button, you can shut them off if you want to.

Echo Frames (2nd Gen) | Smart audio sunglasses with Alexa | Classic Black with new polarized sunglass lenses
Echo Frames (2nd Gen)

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