Apple Airplay Upgrade: Better Business Trip Experience Announced

Apple Airplay Upgrade

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With an announcement at WWDC 2023 event, Apple AirPlay Upgrade has just got better than ever before. Apple has announced that its streaming tech for music and videos will be making its way to hotels.

Basically, Apple has partnered with a select number of hotels at the moment to integrate AirPlay into their TV operating systems. 

This will eventually let you stream video and audio directly to your hotel TV. At the moment, the number of partnered hotels is minimal.

Apple Airplay Upgrade
Source: Apple

But Apple has announced that more partners will be added to the list. Moreover, the new feature is available through QR codes. 

That will make it easier for you to use Apple AirPlay while staying at hotels. Simply scan the QR code with your iPhone’s camera, and the phone will automatically connect to the TV. 

At the WWDC 2023 event, Apple promised to offer a smooth integration and claimed that you can carry on watching a video from exactly where you left off. But don’t expect to see the latter feature right away. 

Apple Airplay Upgrade
Source: Apple

Apple says that the continuation feature will be coming to the TVs of a few hotel partners at the end of this year. But the seamless integration will be early on.

Now, with this Apple AirPlay feature, you will have one less reason to avoid the TV in your hotel room. Whether on a business trip or a regular one, your hotel TV could be your go-to option to get entertained indoors.

You don’t have to go through local channels and search throughout the entire channel list to find something interesting. 

Apple Airplay Upgrade
Source: Apple

Instead, you can just pop out your iPhone, connect it to the TV with Apple AirPlay App, and watch your favorite shows through Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus, and other streaming services.

And as mentioned earlier, this functionality will not be specific to just a handful of partners. At the keynote, Apple discussed that it would be making its way to more hotels. 

In fact, it could even be integrated into the TVs of a shared space. For example, co-working spaces might begin to use Apple AirPlay with Update to host conferences in the future.

Apple Airplay Upgrade
Source: Apple

This will make the overall experience smooth and seamless. Now, you might already know that it’s possible to connect your iPhone to a hotel TV at the moment. 

Want to rely on Apple AirPlay before the upgrade? It does require an HDMI adapter and a cable, which you might not want to carry while traveling. So, the new feature is definitely a plus.

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