Apple Music Classical: Standalone App for Classical Fans

Apple Music Classical

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Apple has recently understood the craze for classical music. Seeing how many fans want to listen to this genre of music, the Cupertino brand wanted to give them something special. 

So it is launching the Apple Music Classical app, which, as the name states, is a dedicated app for classical music.

According to a recent report, the app will debut on March 28 and offer special features you will not find in the regular version of Apple Music.  These include tailored deep searches, metadata, composer biographies, etc. 

Apple Music Classical
Source: Jumpstory

Now, considering that it is based on Apple Music, you get the features available in the base app, for example, the spatial audio feature

Although the Apple Music Classical app will function as an independent platform, it will be included as a part of a standard subscription for those who choose to use it.

However, there is a limitation. That is, you can use Apple Music Classical only through your iPhone. In other words, no Android, iPad, or MacBook version is available for the app. 

Apple Music Classical
Source: Apple

But the good news is that the app will work with AirPlay, meaning you can stream classical music to supported devices. Wondering whether Apple Music Classical will be worth the download or not? 

According to Apple, the app will boast the “world’s largest” classical music catalog. It will come with over five million tracks, from celebrated masterpieces to new releases.

The app will even bring some exclusive albums and the great part is that the navigational UI will be straightforward. 

Apple Music Classical
Source: Apple

It will come with a unique search engine designed to handle the more complex nature of classical work nomenclature. Moreover, the Apple Music Classical app will allow you to stream music in 192 kHz/24-bit Hi-Res Lossless format alongside spatial audio. 

The app will not have ads, offering you an interruption-free music-listening experience. When it comes to the metadata, it will offer you the details of what and whom you are playing. 

It will even provide data on the composers while listening to the music, allowing you to review their biographies, key works, and other interesting descriptions.

Apple Music Classical
Source: Apple

There will be no restriction regarding which Apple Music users can use the Apple Music Classical app. Everyone with an Apple Music subscription will have access to it. 

And in case you were wondering, the app came to be for the Primephonic acquisition Apple made in 2021. 

That said, the app is currently available for pre-order in Apple Store. It will work on iPhones running iOS 15.4 or later.

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