Apple tvOS 17: Updates from WWDC 2023

Apple tvOS 17

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WWDC 2023 conference brought out many exciting announcements, including the brand-new Apple tvOS 17. 

It is an update to the Apple TV 4K media streamer. And while there are not that many AV upgrades in the update, there are some features that you should get excited about.

The first biggest change in the tvOS 17 is the redesigned control center. Apple has redefined it to give you easy access to different settings, which includes audio output to HomePod or AirPods.

Apple tvOS 17
Source: Apple

There’s a quick search function, letting you navigate through the operating system with ease. Also, the control center has power options and WiFi settings, which is a welcoming change.

But the most important change in the control center is the ability to easily change the Spatial Audio settings. It offers the ability to swiftly switch between head-tracked mode and fixed spatialized audio.

There are new system status indicators present in the Apple tvOS 17. That includes the time and information about the user that’s logged in. Also, there’s an option to quickly switch from one account to another.

Apple tvOS 17
Source: Apple

Other than that, there’s a reference to Dolby Atmos under the Spatial Audio settings. It indicates that there could be a quick way to see if your Apple TV is outputting audio in the Atmos mode or not. 

It might even offer the flexibility to quickly tweak the Atmos settings on your Apple AirPods. When it comes to dedicated AV upgrades, Apple has hidden some references to Dolby Vision 8.1 support in the Apple tvOS 17. 

According to Apple, it will bring a “more cinematic visual experience” through dynamic metadata across a wide range of content. That includes streaming platforms too.

Apple tvOS 17
Source: Apple

In addition, there’s Enhanced Dialogue mode, which will offer clear speech over explosions and other noisy sound effects. It’s pretty similar to what Amazon Prim did recently.

However, you will need a HomePod 2 to get the Enhanced Dialogue mode on the Apple tvOS 17. And if you are wondering, the process separates the dialogue audio from the background noise and moves it forward to the center channel.

That said, if you lose the remote on the sofa often, you will love one of the additions in the tvOS 17. Find My is coming to the Apple TV Siri Remote. 

Apple tvOS 17

That means you can use the Find My iPhone app to quickly find the remote when you lose it in the depths of your sofa.

The last and final major highlight of the Apple tvOS 17 is FaceTime. With it, you can pick up calls on your iPhone and continue the call on your TV. 

And the great part is that it lets you use the rear camera of your phone while you are attending the video call.

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