Apple watchOS is Getting a Major Overhaul!

Apple watchOS Update

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The Cupertino giant is reportedly working on the Apple watchOS update. According to the report, it will be one of the most significant software overhauls that will come to the smartwatch lineup of Apple. 

And if you are wondering, the redesign will primarily focus on making widgets a “central part” of the smartwatch.

From the report of Mark Gurman from Bloomberg, Apple will debut the brand new design at the WWDC23 event. 

Apple watchOS Update
Source: Apple

If you still need to catch up, the WWDC 2023 event is all set for the first week of June. The event has a lot in store. 

For example, Apple has been teasing an overhaul of the iOS 17, which now appears to be much bigger than originally anticipated. 

Alongside that, Apple is likely to debut the Apple watchOS 10. And with that, you will find the design overhaul discussed above.

Apple watchOS Update
Source: Apple

When it comes to describing the brand-new interface, Mark Gurman says that it will bring back elements of the Glances system. 

That was a part of the original Apple watchOS version. In addition, Gurman says that the interface will borrow the “style” of widgets that Apple introduced in iOS 14.

Moreover, there will be a “reminiscent” of the Siri watch face that Apple introduced with the watchOS 4. That update came to light back in 2017. 

Apple watchOS Update
Source: Apple

However, unlike the original version, the feature in the new Apple watchOS update will function like an overlay. It will basically be on top of the watch face you wish to use.

Gurman adds that the function will be “similar to widget stacks,” referring to the iOS feature that allows users to scroll through the widgets that they have placed on top of each other.

But the design overhaul of Apple watchOS is not the only thing that’s coming for Apple smartwatches. In addition, the Cupertino giant is reportedly testing a tweak in the physical buttons. 

Apple watchOS Update
Source: Apple

With the new interface in place, the button tweak could let you press down the digital crown to launch the new widgets.

At the current stage, on Apple watchOS 9, the press on the digital crown takes you to the home screen. That said, Gurman noted that the redesign might be a little jarring for some users. 

So, he speculates that Apple might first make the new design optional. Moreover, Gurman suggests that the Apple watchOS overhaul is Apple admitting that the iPhone-like app experience does not always make sense on a watch. 

Instead, the watch should be “a place where you want as much information as possible with the least amount of poking around.”

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