PHOLED Technology is Coming; The Days of OLED Might Be Over

PHOLED technology

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OLED is evolving rapidly, but PHOLED technology might soon overtake it. Regarding OLED’s evolution, you need to look closer at the QD-OLED and MLA OLED TVs. 

These new display techs have been revolutionising the smart television market. At the same time, the days of OLED might soon come to an end. The new tech is bringing an upgrade to the phosphorescence materials for blue. 

At the current stage, all the OLED TVs utilise phosphorescence for green and red. But for the blue, all rely on fluorescence.

PHOLED technology
Source: Jumpstory

The company behind this new PHOLED innovation goes by Universal Display Corporation. It brought out fully phosphorescence panels to the world that will upgrade the TV-viewing experience.

To be exact, Universal Display Corporation has told ETNews that the upgrade to the blue OLED will increase the “luminous efficiency by 4 times.” 

That means the new panels will be able to offer much brighter pictures, even brighter than the current OLED standards! Interestingly, the new technology seems to be fully compatible with QD-OLED and MLA OLED technologies. 

PHOLED technology
Source: Jumpstory

Those panels already have significantly high peak brightness ratings. And with PHOLED technology, these display technologies can offer another big jump in brightness.

To fill you in, Samsung’s new QD-OLED TV panels can deliver 2000 nits of peak brightness. On the other hand, MLA technology makes the OLED see a luminous efficiency jump of over 20 percent. 

And these two have been offering peak home entertainment experiences to millions of users. Now, the real question is, how soon can we see PHOLED and its high brightness rating in action? 

PHOLED technology
Source: Jumpstory

According to ETNews, the timescale of the new technology will ultimately be in the hands of Samsung Display and LG Display. 

After all, they manufacture all the OLED panels that are getting packed into current OLED TVs. Wondering what will Universal Display Corporation do in this regard?

Universal Display Corporation will sell the new PHOLED technology to Samsung and LG to manufacture new screens with it. That brings another concern, which is the cost.

PHOLED technology
Source: Jumpstory

At the current stage, there needs to be solid info regarding whether the new TV screen technology will increase manufacturing and product costs. 

However, Universal Display Corporation says it will sell the technology at a “reasonable” price. This “reasonable” can mean pretty much anything.

It could be much higher than the current MLA OLED and QD-OLED technologies. On the other hand, the PHOLED screens could be cheaper than the existing display tech. 

Basically, we will need to wait for more info regarding the tech to get a hint. And hopefully, that piece of information will come out soon.

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